Feb 182008

In previous versions of Microsoft Outlook, you were able to import and export your Internet Mail Account settings to an Internet Account file (.IAF) format. This feature was available in Microsoft Outlook 2000 Internet Mail Only (IMO) by clicking Accounts on the Tools menu. The option is not available in later versions of Outlook.


To work around this problem, use the following steps to import Internet Mail Accounts settings from the e-mail programs that are on your computer:

Start Outlook and On the File menu, click Import and Export.

Click Import Internet Mail Account Settings, and then click Next.

Follow the Internet Connection Wizard to complete the import process.

That’s it it should work without any problem.

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  6 Responses to “Fix for cannot import or export e-mail accounts with .IAF files in Outlook”

  1. Why do people like you clog up the internet with explanations of how to solve non-issues. Any fool could figure out how to do what you described, that’s what Microsoft wizards are for.

  2. thanks for the info.. great post

    By Dean from N2GO Parcel Delivery Service Team

  3. and sadly the broke it in Vista when they removed Outlook Express DUH

    Microsoft are no longer wizards they are all salesmen exploring product differntation and pricing structures which is so much fun if you are an ex soap salesman from Lever Brothers ;-)I mean after “New” and “Improved” what else can you say about Soap etc.

    Ah I see you can take bits out of software and stop it washing things in any month with a letter “R” in it. WOW now we can sell the same product twice with a different feature set to the same people.

    Taking things out is a great way of producing “New and Improved” don’t you think? NOT

  4. no wizard for outlook 2010 for importing email accounts!
    MS’s own instructions are completely wrong.
    Apparently, they took yet ANOTHER useful feature off with this latest version. You can import messages, contacts and rules – but not email accounts. What idiots!

  5. There is no such “Internet Connection Wizard” to complete the import process in Outlook 2010.

    This workaround is as useful as a rash on my groin.

  6. This method DOES NOT IMPORT FROM IAF file, but only from mail program!

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