Mar 192008

If you want to use recently used files in MS office applications,but when you try to enable it in options it might have grayed out.Use this solution to fix

Close all your MS office applications


Go to Start—>Run—>Type regedit click ok

Now you need to navigate the following key from left pane


Now you need to select the following key and delete from right pane


Exit your registry editor

Now you need to go open MS office application click on Tools—>Options

Click on General Tab, Check the Recently used file list checkbox and use the designated dropdown to select the desired number of entries and click ok

Now you should have recently used files list when you select file menu.

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  3 Responses to “Fix for MS Office 2003/XP/2000 Recently Used File List is grayed Out”

  1. EXCELENT!!!

  2. Very clear and helpful — I looked for the same information in Office help and got nowhere.

  3. Many thanks – perfect instructions to fix recently opened files list in Office 2003 which disappeared with no input from me!

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