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Often it is needed to add Greek letters/symbols to microsoft word documents. If you want to add Greek Letters to Microsoft Word Documents follow this procedure.

Open Microsoft word Select Insert from the top menu and Select Symbol

Once you have the symbol window Select Symbol from the font drop down

Select the Greek letter you wish to insert.

An easier way is to type the letter similar to the Greek letter (for example, “a” for alpha), highlight that the letter, and then change the font to symbol.

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  3 Responses to “How to add Greek Letters to Microsoft Word Documents”

  1. I can find no way in MS Word to add a Greek omega with a circumflex accent over it. There is a way to add an omega with an acute accent, but not a circumflex. –NRL

  2. To add a circumflex to Greek letters, you need to use the Microsoft Equation 3.0 function.

    Go to Insert, click Object, click Microsoft Equation 3.0. This lets you insert an equation into the Word doc. A selection of buttons pops up where you can add most Greek letters and put any kind of accent with them. Also lets you put subscripts and superscripts with the letters. If you’re typing equations, this is a much easier way to do it, and it looks better.

  3. This was a really helpful webpage. Thank you so much!

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