Apr 142008

We saw here how to migrate Autocomplete cache in MS Outlook. But, what with enable or Disable Autocomplete feature at the first place. Autocomplete can be a security issue where a human error can send the email to an incorrect person and should that be a confidential email, you are into trouble as it happened recently with a law firm.

To Enable/Disable Autocomplete in Outlook, try the following:

1. Open Outlook, click Tools – Options

2. Click “Email Options” button then “Advanced Email Options”

3. Check/Uncheck “Suggest names while completing To, Cc, Bcc fields” to enable/disable Autocomplete.

4. Click OK,OK, Apply & OK.

Enable Disable autocompelte in Outlook

This should enable or disable AutoComplete in Outlooka s you need.

If you are an organisation and want to enable/disable Autocomplete on all your network domain pcs the you can use Group Policy or Startup scripts to disable from Windows Registry

Look for the key “ShowAutoSug” key under


and set its value as follows

“0″ – Disable Autocomplete
“1″ – Enable Autocomplete

[NOTE: depending on Office version the registry path may vary for intstance as "10" or "11" in the above key]

Windows Regsitry key for Outlook Auto complete

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  1. I tried that and it didn’t work, Something must be corrupt.

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