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If you want to add a graphic to your signature in outlook 2007 use the following procedure

  • In E-mail view, choose Mail Message from the New button or press [Ctrl]+N to open a blank mail window.
  • Enter your signature’s text. Try to limit your signature to essential information. A signature should be only a line or two.
  • Position the cursor where you want to insert a graphic.
  • Choose Picture from the Insert menu, locate and select the file, and then click Insert. In Outlook 2007, click the Insert tab and choose the appropriate command from the Illustrations group. The file must be one of the following formats: GIF; JPEG; and PNG. TIFF and BMP files are too large to include in the signature line.
  • Press [Ctrl]+A to select the entire signature, and the graphic.
  • Choose Options from the Tools menu on the main menu.
  • Click the Mail Format tab.
  • Click Signatures in the Signatures section.
  • Click New.
  • Name the signature and click Next. (Outlook 2007 groups the options together, so there’s no need to click Next.)
  • Click inside the Edit Signature control and press [Ctrl]+V to paste the signature from the Clipboard. (If you’re using Outlook 2007, be sure to select the signature by name from the New Messages control.)
  • Click OK twice. On the Mail Format tab, choose the signature from the Signature For New Messages dropdown list in the Signatures section.
  • Click OK.

When creating a new message, Outlook will automatically include the signature, including the graphic you added.


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  43 Responses to “How to insert a graphic in an Outlook 2007 signature”

  1. It shouldn’t be this hard to create a signature with pictures and text and have them layout where I want them, picture, text, picture, picture.
    I have spent the best part of an hour and even after following the instructions above, cannot get them to align, copy text and picture so that it all paste’s into the new signature.
    I have tried it also using a table with the same frustrating result.
    I am not a novice user so how on earth is average Joe supposed to crate anything other than a fancy text signature?
    Sorry for the rant, frustration abounds.

  2. I agree, this is a ridiculously long winded and difficult way to set up a signature. The signature should be as easy to set up as making changes in word itself.
    I am trying to add a picture and it will not allow resizing and formatting is extremely difficult.
    On a side note, the file menu changes on the new word (office in general) is totally frustrating and completely unnecessary!!

  3. My problem is the picture i am inserting is too wide (about 900px) and outlook condenses it to fit which makes the text in the image not readable.

    Is there a way to bypass the width limitation on images? it seems the hight is not limited at all…

  4. It was much easier to do the signature in outlook 2003 with images or anything. It was wonderful. How come its become so difficult. I have spent like hours but cannot get it done.

    The text gets very unclear with the image


  5. So far I have not been able to get this work at all. I can copy the signature and graphic EVERYWHERE but into the Signature box. What’s more my font is changed by the Signature box. Extremely annoying and it IS unbelievable.

  6. Why is right-clicking such a foreign notion to millions of people who use computers every day and who have been using them for at least a decade??? This drives me nuts! I can’t tell you how many man-hours have been spent on developing desktops, but I know it’s a little more than a lot.

    Every Operating System desktop behaves this way: Windows, MacOS, Gnome and every other X11 Window manager. There’s an icon that represents a file or folder or an application. You can right-click on it and whatever actions (read: methods) you want to perform (read: invoke) on that icon (read: Object) appear for you to choose from. God forbid we use “OO” terms because they’re “too technical” for lay people to understand.

  7. Vista is the worst program ever…I have been wrestling with it for over a year and a half and hate it with a passion…I had no problem whatsoever with XP on an HP but my office techie sold me a bill of goods with a new Dell loaded with Vista and I cannot afford to replace either the computer or Vista..As a result, my business has suffered greatly due to the frustration of doing almost everything on Vista…I have tried to include my company Logo and my agent photo in my signature for outgoing messages to no avail. Help Directions for Outlook are ridiculous and of no help at all..If I could afford to I would throw out both my Dell computer and Vista go back to HP and XP….Anne .

  8. We frustrated and unhappy buyers of this the worst computer program ever should all unite and demand that Microsoft and those who came up with Vista straighten out the mess they created and sold to us and also reimburse us for all the money we spent on techies who tried to help and were just as frustratated as we were but at least they earned money off me while I am still losing out every day with time lost not being able to do what I need to do and did do with XP on my old HP… In all due respect to Lee, I am not sorry for ranting as I am pretty damn mad …..Anne

  9. Stupid! Outlook 2007 reduces the clarity of my logo on my signature, and it looks like crap. Hate Microsoft.

  10. I was going to try the picture in the signature, but this sounds hopeless. I would get frustrated, I know I do not have the godly patience of a geek.

    Is it easier with XP, which at least I had the foresight to keep and not jump into the evil Vista?


  11. I have Outlook 2003 – how is it different to insert a picture in my email signature using 2003?

  12. The bugs in Vista and/or Office 2007 are never-ending! “tech support” is an oxymoron. Live-chat support is always unavailable, and when I submit my problem(s) via email, tech support does not reply – not within 24 hours, not ever. Nada. I DO mean to rant. The Outlook program closes on its own whenever I move any messages or change contact info. If my curser hovers over a file for a nano second, the file gets moved & dumped into an arbitrary folder. My curser jumps all over the place when I edit emails before I send them. In Excel and Word, I can’t find my files!!! I have saved Excel docs, and they don’t show up in my documents, under Excel, or anyplace else that I can locate. Outlook rules don’t”stick”. Easy Transfer was not easy, and it didn’t transfer my files. This was the one and only time I got through to Vista Tech Support. I spent HOURS on the phone with them, three days in a row. Even with I still couldn’t get my files transferred. I finally gave up. The attempt, however, left the files on my old computer in a shambles – music files are under Excel folders, many files MIA, etc., etc. I am out of patience. It takes me hours to complete tasks, when I’m able to complete them at all. I am frustrated in the extreme, and I don’t know where to get help with these issues.

  13. Geting a graphic into a signature is easy. But how do I get a graphic e.g. a logo, to appear at the top of each new email, as opposed to a signature where it appears at the bottom?

  14. I’m sooooo thankful for these comments – I will not waste time trying to make a simple picture with a signature work in 2007. I’m going back to 2003 with my XP and I’ll just have to bite the cost for Microsofts insurmountable mistakes.

    If Windows 7 is no improvement – and I mean substantial – then its off to MAC I go.

    Good Luck everyone.

  15. Setting up the signature (in XP) was easy – but the picture becomes an attachment in the outgoing email, as well as being displayed. How do we stop the picture being attached?

  16. Yes i agree, Office 2007 and Outlook in particular is a right pain in the backside, too many unresolved bugs.

    With reference to Outlook signature crapping up image quality, i find it does not distort images if you use the .png format. Hope that helps a little

  17. Can you tell me the answer to the Sharon’s question on 3/16/09? I am having the same issue: When I add the picture to the signature, the picture becomes an attachment in the outgoing email, as well as being displayed. How do we stop the picture being attached?

  18. Wow…after reading the reviews I realized it was not necessarily me but the software!!! Thanks to feedback for the reassurance, I too became very frustrated while trying to set up a simple signature with picture.

  19. Please don’t do this. Just don’t. Every email you send will show as having an attachment. This annoys the hell out of people finding attachments. Just say no.

  20. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Simply open a new message,click “signature” and follow the instructions. I stumbled upon this after unsucessfully following the HELP instructions.

  21. This is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. And just about as effective. It does NOT work. I am not stupid, but I have wasted hours trying everthing I can think of to get a signature WITH a graphic. No chance. This is truly pathetic. How can it be that Microsoft continues to get away with the absolute worst customer service in the history of the planet. What are all your developers doing? Prozac? Get them to fix this for heaven’s sake.

  22. All of this was sooooooooo much easier with outlook 2003…what a mess.

  23. how can I delete a picture that is imbedded in my e-mail? All I can find is how to insert it. I can delete it manually each time I want to send an e-mail, but I need to delete it from ever showing up.

  24. Signatures in 2003 were easy to get them look the way I wanted, but not possible in 2007. Managed to get a larger picture that someone could actually see, but not possible to position text around the picture or logo. Not sure why I am leaving this comment as I see no responses to any of the frustrations posted. Would be nice to see “tough thats the way it is” or “we’re listening and working to improve this problem”

  25. Geez, glad I wasn’t the only one experiencing the issues – the instructions definitely don’t work!

  26. Apparantly no one reads these comments…I’ve spent hours working this up with HTML links in Publisher thinking I could go around the signature problems in Outlook by creating everything in publisher and then popping it into Outlook….WRONG AGAIN. Outlook has distorted the fonts in the picture so much that its barely legible and makes me look unprofessional and idotic. Thanks windows…thanks for making the choice to go to Mac so much easier…longtime PC user no more.

  27. Hi all:

    The only solution that i have found was the following:
    - Make the signature the best way you can first. The logo will be mashed in the text somewhere
    - Then open a new email with this signature
    - click on your logo
    -Magically you can now do what should have been possible in the editor which is format it – behind txt etc
    -Place the logo where you would like and the text etc
    - Once the signature looks right use the Snipping tool in Windows 7 to Snip a copy of your logo. Save this in a TIFF or PNG format.
    -Go back to the sig editor and create a new signature
    -Paste in this image that you just created.

    You should now have everything the way you like.

  28. Do what Jennifer did it works! thanks!

  29. It also works if you create what you want in Publisher 2007 and then save what you want as a picture, which will be saved in the png format. Then paste it into your signature. Too much time is wasted on something that should be simple ! ! !

  30. I’ve been trying to insert our logo for 1 full day, the image shows nice and clear while i create a new email. But the logo get distorted after i send out.

    Spending whole day figuring out and finally i made it. Outlook will 1st enlarge your image, and shrink it down to a small image. The large copy of image will shown in the email you create; whereby the small copy of image will shown in the email u sending out.

    Follow the requirement below, so that outlook will send out without enlarge and shrink your logo:
    + RGB color
    + 72 dpi
    + Max quality
    + 566px * 185px

  31. You might want to try:

    a) Design your lovely email footer in HTML as you would if / when you used Outlook 2003.

    b) Find a friend or an old computer that is still running Outlook 2003, load up your HTML footer in the normal way, create a new email with the signature and send it to yourself (well, to the email account thst you are using in Outlook 2007)

    c) Open the email in Outlook 2007, select it all, copy it.

    d) Go to Outlook 2007 signatures window and with the cursor in the big white bit, paste in the contents of the clipboard.

    You should now have a *fairly* good representation of your HTML footer. There will be some playing around with margins and such because Microsoft programmers like to wind us up that way.

    I’m off to figure out why the footer displays differnetly in O3 and O7 (of course).


  32. THE ANSWER (that worked for me)

    Wow, it is actually still really hard to do. Here is my advice for making signatures that work in O3 and O7 (hint for impatient people – there is a link near the bottom to a working signature template):

    STEP 1) Create your signature in HTML using these tips:

    1.1 Put an ‘hr’ tag at the top and at the bottom so that O7 and O3 can clear signatures sent from O3 when replying to emails. Ensure the is not visible and does actually ‘clear’ by using the style attribute (see my sample file below)

    1.2 Set the font size to zero everywhere (except immediately around your text content) so that any images that are less than a line-height high maintain their small height

    1.3 Do not use margins or padding to create your required layout; instead, change the white space around the images – or drop in one or two ‘white’ images to hold the spacings together. Do this for both vertical and horizontal spacings otherwise O7 or O3 will jiggle or crush the text elements in various unexpected ways.

    1.4 Do not use the ‘p’ tag. Use ‘span’ instead with a ‘br /’ at the end (but inside ‘/span’) you can use margin-top and margin-bottom to control the paragraph spacing.

    If you don’t know how create HTML then getting your signature right could be tricky. Either ask your friend or get in touch and I’ll make you a custom signature for just 300UKP. I’m designer in marketing I’m afraid I can’t do these things for free because I make a living from it.

    STEP 2) For O7 : Open the HTML signature in a browser (I only teste dthis on FireFox). Select all (ctrl+a) and copy (ctrl+c). Go into O7, navigate to the signatures panel, and in a brand new signature, click in the white space and press (ctrl+v) to paste in your nice signature. That’s it. You can start using your signature.

    STEP 3) For O3 : Take the same HTML file, but this time in the signatures window, click on ‘New’ and choose to ‘use this file as a template’ – navigate to the browser to the same HTML file and press next / finish – you are all set.

    Now you can have the same signature in O7 and O3 and it doesn’t get messed up no matter who replies to who from what email client.

    Altogether now : THANK YOU Microsoft.

    The offer stands : Any* custom signature to your specification for 300UKP. Includes designs and sorting out all the images.

    * Text on top of big background pictures doesn’t work in email (thank you Microsoft), so if that is what you have in mind, just make it one big JPEG and slap it in.

    PS, why does MS link to this page from the official help? The ‘answer’ given at the very top is atrocious.

  33. The comment by Cheryl on March 2, 2010 is incorrect. It looks crappy on delivery also.

  34. I can not believe that I can not read the full help section due to an ad that has no option to be removed, including any pop-up blocker!!!

  35. Hi guys,
    Have been struggling just like you when trying to make our 2003-signatures compatible with 2007.
    From my experience, Word is your best friend in this matter. If you copy your 2003-signature into Word, and then copy+paste it to Outlook, then it’ll come out looking 90%. The only problem is pictures, which you will have to manually correct in outlook->signatures. Once you have done this, copy it all back into word, and the back again into outlook. This way, your images will not be linked as attachments.

  36. Outlook 2003 was a lot easier. You could choose to create your signature in Word, do anything to text or pics and save it. Done. Easy. What the hell happened in 2007???

  37. This was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have set up everyone in my office like this… Thanks so much for clear and easy to use instructions!!!!

    Hi all:
    The only solution that i have found was the following:
    - Make the signature the best way you can first. The logo will be mashed in the text somewhere
    - Then open a new email with this signature
    - click on your logo
    -Magically you can now do what should have been possible in the editor which is format it – behind txt etc
    -Place the logo where you would like and the text etc
    - Once the signature looks right use the Snipping tool in Windows 7 to Snip a copy of your logo. Save this in a TIFF or PNG format.
    -Go back to the sig editor and create a new signature
    -Paste in this image that you just created.

    You should now have everything the way you like.

  38. Thanks. Signature in mail is indeed a must for professionals. Al in all a good Tutorial.

  39. Thank you so much.

    It was easy, and took only ten minutes to add a picture to my signature. Your instructions are easy to understand and follow.

    Thanks again

  40. I found a way to go around the layout. Make a table and insert your image and text that way. Making it one image, rather that text and an image, can cause your emails to go into spam filters. Also if you only have an image, if companies stripe your email, it will not have a signature.

    To make my email signature flow, I made it as a table.

  41. I cannot get a simple jpeg signature image to look decent after it’s sent. No problem getting it into Signature setting, looks nice when i send out but crappy really low res after receiving. I have tried on Mac OSX Entourage OFFice 2008, Windows 2007 Outlook, Windows 2007 aol…all the above looks like crap. It cannot be this difficult or having “creative” signatures is complete waste of time. ideas, help?

  42. After all frustration with trying to line up a clipart picture next to the text in my signature I created the whole thing in Word, took a screen shot, pasted in Paint and saved as PNG file. I then created a new signature and inserted the saved png file. Seems to work ok.

  43. All of the above advice is WONDERFUL. I’ve been working on this for two days >.<

    In the end I took Hakan's advice and just made the sig look how I wanted in word, screenshotted, pasted in paint – cut the bit I wanted, pasted that in a new paint, saved it an insert it as an image – FINALLY SUCCESS!

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