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Open Document Format (ODF) is an open standard file format and others use. File extensions include .odt (text), .ods (spreadsheet), and .odp (presentation). By default, Microsoft Office does not open these file formats; however, it is possible with a plugin.

For office 2003 users

If you have Office 2003, Download and install the Sun ODF Plugin should just work.You can download the Sun ODF Plugin from here

For office 2007 users

  1. First you need to Install Service Pack 1 for Office 2007.
  2. Install Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office.
  3. Open ODT document via File > Open, or by double-clicking the ODT file and when prompted for the application to open it with, choose Word.

If you don’t have administrator privileges to install software, you can try an online converter such as Zamzar or Media Convert. You can also upload ODT documents to Google Docs or Zoho Writer.

If you want to open ODT documents locally but want to stay away from MS Office, try the lightweight, cross-platform Abiword or the full-blown suite of

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  1. Very nice tip. Thanks!


  3. Thanks for this article, really saved my @$$

  4. Thanks a lot.. very helpful.. :)

  5. Excellent advice, thanks very much. I don’t have admin rights to my machine at work but your recommendation of zamzar was great and has solved my problem.

  6. Thank you for the link to Sun Microsystems.

  7. I opened with GoogleDocs….WHAT A TIP! *THANK YOU*!!!

  8. very usefull

  9. First result in Google for “.odt to Word”, clear guidelines with multiple possibilities offered. Thank you for the useful post.

  10. Thanks very much, this has been exceptionally helpful to me! Much appreciated!

  11. Thanks…My problems are now solved…Thanks a lot!

  12. thanks a lot dude!!! saved me the time!

  13. A tip: Microsoft office 2007, servicepack 2 should also solve the problem.
    If you use office 2007 and install servicepack 2 (sp2) from Microsoft it includes the support for ODF so Microsoft word 2007, with servicepack2 installed should both open and also be able to save in the ODT format now(sp2 was released end of April 2009).

  14. Hi to everyone! What a great post, it really worked for me.
    I used google docs. Cheers from Barcelona

  15. As usual, one can expect the easiest, most reliable assistance from JAVA. Appreciate your technology and the people behind it!

  16. Many thanks Zamzar, you saved my day! More power!

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  18. thanks buddy. this is very helpful information.

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    Thanx Yaar

  20. regisdtered downloaded installed (+ restart) – and it’s not working

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  23. Thanks for the advice about to open .odt file. Worked perfect!

  24. swt thanks =)

  25. hi there. I was in an internet cafe and i saved my CV. When i have came home it is an odt file. How do i get it back to a word document please

  26. Thanks very much. Worked perfectly!

  27. Downloading a plug-in is possible to open ODT files from MS Word. I tried that on my own PC and it’s working. You should have try that also.

  28. Thanks for the link to Zamzar. After problems with getting the plugin to work, Zamzar provided a quick and easy alternative. Great tip!

  29. its really awesome. this helped me really

  30. Yea right. However I really need help. Yesterday, I encountered a technical difficulty. When I click on the set-up (Plug-in) it said please contact your administrator blablabla. Can somone tell me how to disabled surf-control admin protection please and thank you. :)

  31. thanks giveing this article

  32. thanks a bunch! I ended up using google docs, so quick and easy! Ctrl-C to Word 07′ and my file was ready!

  33. I was struggling hither & thither for the solution but finally i got this. It really helped me. Thanks

  34. I don’t think this works anymore. The link takes you to Oracle’s site. Oracle bought sun, and I can’t find a word extender on Oracle’s site anywhere.

  35. Am I stupid or are the “plugin” links provided, actually linking to a full fledged program, that costs $$$???

  36. Oh, Amir already pointed this out, my bad. Is there still a free solution, other than downloading OpenOffice?

  37. awesome work……saveed my life…lol…
    good job

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  42. I guess all of you use PC and no MAC related post is offered :( can someone let me know if there is a fix for MAC? I have the latest MS Office 2011 and i don’t want to install nor googleDocs… I would like that my MS Office have full functionality like you do :)

  43. both links for the ODF plugin take me to Oracle, but there is no link on that site to download the ODF Plugin.

  44. Mike, check the softpedia link in the comment from nanang on July 20 2010, I just downloaded it from there.



    That link doesn’t work anymore, all that comes up is an error page

  47. i’m so happy…it’s good for me…can help for our job n sve my document

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  49. Homg, Zamzar saved my life!
    No wait,
    YOU did.

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