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If you want to print many Word files without having to open each one at a time follow this procedure

First you need to open one MS word 2003 document got o File–>Open

From here you need to select your files you want to print now you need select Tools from this dialogbox

Other MS word version users follow this

Note:- This sends the files straight to the printer without allowing you to adjust your printer settings.

Open MS word document Click the File Menu and Select Open

After the open window displays, select the files you want to print.

Now Right click on one of the selected files to open the context menu and Left click Print from the context menu.

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  7 Responses to “How to Print Multiple Files At Once in word 2003/XP/2007”

  1. Is there any method how to print all opened documents at once? Sometimes I have opened maybe 5 documents in Word and they aren’t in the same folder so method described above isn’t the best solution for me.

  2. Peter,
    You could do that (print all open docs) if you create a macro and run it. The Code is simple :

    Sub PrintAllOpenDocs ()
    ‘ Step through the open document windows
    For Each Doc In Documents
    Next Doc
    End Sub

  3. In Windows 7 /office 2007 / open / the “tools” button has no print option!

    In Windows XP you could select multiple files in explorer and right click to print them.

    This functionality has been removed in Windows 7 Proffessional x64.

    How do I get it back?

  4. @Peter:
    What if I want the documents to print in a certain order? How does your code handle that? I would want them to print either in the order they are opened, selected, numerical (my files are numbered for my purpose)…I just don’t want them printed randomly

  5. Thanks for this. I can’t believe they removed the “highlight all, right click, print” option in Windows 7!

  6. In 2003, it does not allow you to change your printer and will only go to the default printer. :(

  7. I have a quality manual where each chapter is a separate file. There are 36 files in all. Is there any way to print the manual without opening each file individually? I am using Word 2010 and Windows XP.

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