Apr 142008

One of the useful features of Microsoft Outlook is the Autocomplete. Everytime a new email address is used for the first time, this gets cached and outlook will highlight the email address next time. Outlook holds this in a cache file under your profile. Should you move to a new PC or a different profile, all you need to do is copy this file onto the new PC under the same location.

The file is located under

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

The folder C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\ is hidden and hence choose to show hidden files under “Folder Options”.

Once into the folder look for the file with the extension “NK2″. This filename will be “outlookprofilename.NK2″. For instance, on my PC, outlook profile name is “outlook” and hence the file name is “outlook.NK2″

Outlook Profile Name

Outlook Autocomplete cache

Simple, copy the file onto your new PC under the same location. If the Outlook profile name is different, renaming the file to the new outlook profile name will help.

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  8 Responses to “Migrate MS Outlook Autocomplete cache to new PC or profile”

  1. This is of great help especially when you require the same msoutlook cache to a new machine.

    Regards, ahb

  2. thank you, the best info googled for an hour

  3. Hi All,

    My query I have windows mail(OS : windows vista home premium). But now I want to switch to MS Outlook 2003. Is this reverse case possible & how should I get my all windows mail into MS Outlook 2003.

    –Uday Shitole.

  4. very happy office manager

  5. Good tip, thanks.

    I recommend the Save my Settings Wizard which saves all your Outlook, Word, Excel etc settings into a file you can then transfer to another PC. Use the same Wizard on the ‘new’ PC to then apply the settings.

    It’s usually in Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools

  6. I could transfer my outlook cache to a new machine.. good article and simple steps…

  7. Thanks a lot. Was really Useful. Did not find an help even from my helpdesk.

  8. GOOD ! Took me 2 hours to find this and solve my problems ! Does anybody know a way to add all autocomplete cache entries to contact address book automatically ???

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