Feb 072008

In MS Office the special keystrokes that let you perform operations without having to click on toolbar buttons or menu items.

Simple examples

CONTROL-S: Save the current document
CONTROL-P: Print the current document
CONTROL-B: Toggle Bold text
CONTROL-I: Toggle Italic text

If you want to remember all of these Here is a way you can have Microsoft Word 2003 show you the shortcut keys for any given toolbar button

Choose “Tools”, then “Customize”.

When the “Customize” multi-tabbed dialog box appears, choose “Options”.Check the box next to “Show shortcut keys in Screentips” and click on close.

This is simple example Now, if you move your mouse over the Spelling and Grammar toolbar button , Word tells you that you can press F7 to activate this feature.

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  1. “Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips” works in my Word 2003, but there is NO OPTION in my Excel 2003 for the same thing. (There is no such prompt in Excel 2003, Tools, Customize, Options.)

    Should there be?



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