Feb 102009

Forget about googling around the internet to find the lyrics of your favorite music album. Lyrics plugin for Windows Media Player does the job for you. Lyrics is a free Windows Media Player plugin that displays the lyrics of your favroite music songs as it plays making it that little more pleasant to enjoy the music you love.

Simply download the lyrics plugin installer from here and run it. While the download page suggests this for Windows XP, Lyrics plugin just works fine in Windows Vista and Windows 7 Beta without any problem.

Once installed, start Windows Media Player and start playing the songs of your choice. Now, to view the plugin in action and ofcourse your lyrics, From Now, playing menu, click “Plugins – Lyrics Plugin” and there you should have it all…

lyrics3 lyrics1

To change the display settings like color of the fonts, background and alignment, click Configure and change as necessary.


I have to say this is one of those cool software/utility written with users and only users in mind. Great work by the author!!!


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  8 Responses to “Watch Lyrics while playing songs in Windows Media Player”

  1. Great work. Love it. Thanks.

  2. I stumble across windowsreference be accident searching on a reference from Call for Help on G4TV. This program is what I have been looking for to sing along. This make my Media Player a sing along machine without messing up the words.
    Many thanks

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice tip for Windows Media Player

  4. great plugin. But plugin for winamp isn’t working in OS Windows 7.

  5. is it possible to add lyrics and edit album info for window media player 12?
    i used to have window media player 11 and it seems better than the window media player 12 version.

  6. its very cool working in windows 7 also.
    but how to configure it .
    can i add lyrics to a file manually

  7. Very cool thing to know. Great for learning songs, how easy is it to add your own lyrics?

  8. Plugins retired by Microsoft. Cool.

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