May 052008

When trying to share a local disk or a USB disk or even a Printer over a Wireless network, you may be faced with the error.

“Insufficient Disk Space”

even though there is space on the disk. This could be caused by the Irpstacksize value in the Windows Registry is too small. This affects Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server operating systems.

Irpstacksize specifies the number of stack locations in I/O request packets (IRPs) used by the server or a system. It may be necessary to increase this number for certain transports, MAC drivers, or local file system drivers.

The value ranges from “11″ to “50″ with the default being “15″. Try to increase value until the problem is fixed.

To edit the value of Irpstacksize navigate to



In the rightpane, look for IRPStackSize. If there isn’t on create as follows:

In the rightpane, right-click and select New – DWORD Value. Enter the name as IRPStackSize, and then press ENTER to name the value (between 11 and 50).

Everytime, you change the value, try to share and see if it fixes the problem.

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  One Response to “Error “Insufficient Disk Space” when sharing USB disks over Wireless Network”

  1. unable to write to this location, possible causes are low disk space, write protection or invalid filename,
    scanning for imaging for gray scale file size to be big for a GB this problem i save this file.

    loaded os WIN XP proffecnal
    2 GB RAM

    Please this solution my problem.

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