Aug 112009

SMAC (Software MAC) is a simple GUI utility to list details of your MAC adresses, IPCONCIG information and allow you to change or even spoof MAC Address on the fly. SMAC also has a simple 1-click restart for the network adapters when you need to refresh settings.

SMAC is quite handy and useful for anyone from Home users struggling with their tech support to advanced users who wish to change MAC address for security or Spoof MAC Addresses to test the security.

When it comes to changing the MAC Address, it does not affect the embedded Hardware MAC Address on the NIC while making the Software level MAC address change persist across reboots. This is something really nice to have on a utility manipulating hardware devices.

The free edition is limited to the following features but good enough for personal use:

Display MAC Address, manufacturer, type etc for all Network cards installed in your system

Display Ipconfig information for all NICs

Spoof MAC Address on Microsoft compatible Network Adapters on Windows Vista,XP,2003

1-click restart for Network adapters to refresh changes.

For a list of all features and comparision between free and other paid for versions, click here
To download and install SMAC on your PC click here . There is also a Beta version which you can test.

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