Apr 132009

Belarc Advisor is a PC profiling software that can build a detailed profile of your installed hardware, software, Windows Updates including Hot fixes and security updates and Antivirus software status. Belarc Advisor also shows the System Security score by comparing with the CIS (Center for Internet Security)benchmarks (dosn’t work yet on Windows Vista).

And, all this is neatly presented in a Web browser with a quick status on security, Virus & Microsoft Security update followed by a system summary and detailed hardware details, Microsoft updates and installed software and licenses on the system.

belarc-advisor1 belarc-advisor2

Belarc Advisor can be quite a handy tool specially for personal home users as a mean to generate a quick system profile when working with tech/customer support enginners. Belarc Advisor is free to use for personal use only and licensing fees and terms apply for commercial use. Click here to download Belarc Advisor.

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