Nov 182008

!–adsense–>When you are trying to update AVG antivirus version 8.0.x you might see similar to the following error

Invalid Update Control CTF File

Solution 1

I have found the solution from AVG forums

You need to rename/remove the CTF temp files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avg8\update\download…. Dont delete all the .bin files in there unless you want t

o re-run all updates since your original installation (reinstallation seems to cause a problem in IEs Link Scanner which causes IE to Crash). Only rename/remove the avginfo files that end with .ctf

For Windows Vista users

Go to the following location


Delete the following 2 files

avginfoavi.ctf and avginfowin.ctf

Solution 2

You can also download and install AVG Mechanic from here


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  21 Responses to “Fix for Invalid Update Control CTF File error (AVG Anti-Virus Update)”

  1. hi tnxx for advice yes i can fix the anti-virus hehe:D

  2. Thank you!!! Fix for Vista worked perfectly!

  3. It worked for vista ultimate… thanks for the post

  4. Thanks. Works great on Vista.

  5. I dont have an application data folder! What do i do now?

  6. i also didnt have apppicattion data also how to do now???somebody please teach me

  7. when i run the AVG mechanic it says “no CTF files were found” please help.

  8. i ran AVG Mechanic . it say that i don’t have any CTF files.
    but the problem is still there can not update ctf file missing.

  9. Thanks.. It works perfectly..

    Happy new year.

  10. Thank you very much, it worked perfectly.

  11. I’ve just installed AVG trial on my 2003 server and I get a message “The application failed to initialisze properly (0xc0000005) … how can I rectify the problem ?

  12. thx!! it works!! =)

  13. I have the same problem as many others. when i run AVG Mehcanic it says no CTF files. HOW DO I FIX IT.

  14. I had the same problem with no CTF files found in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avg8\update\download.
    After having tried everything, I finally found the answer on AVG site :,164852,164852,backpage=,sv=#REPLY. This user explains how to get rid of Trojan that prevent to do correct AVG update.
    And now all is fine for me.

  15. Cool this worked, fixed it in 2min

  16. even i have the same problem…… there are no .ctf files in that folder…
    And what is told here:,164852,164852,backpage=,sv=#REPLY –>> is perfectly correct . it changes ur dns servers[trojan].
    may be reinstalling will do the trick.

  17. plz help i have ctf files that it wont update it wont del them with avg mechanic

  18. thanx its working for me..

  19. On a brand new computer with WindowsXP, a clean install of AVG 8.5 (4/28/2009) I get the “Invalid CTF file” message. I tried reinstalling, didn’t work. There are no .ctf or .bin files in the download folder of application data…
    I downloaded today’s AVG definitions (a .bin file) and manually installed them successfully. This put a .ctf file in that download folder, but still when I ask it to update I get the same error message. Scanning with AVG and Malewarbytes did not turn up any infections…
    What the heck do I do???

  20. A solution that worked for me:
    Please kindly follow these steps to delete mentioned control files:

    * Run the AVG Free user interface (double-click the AVG Free icon on your desktop).
    * Open the Tools -> Advanced Settings… menu.
    * Navigate to the Manage option in the Update branch.
    * Press the Delete temporary update files button.
    * Try to update AVG Free.

  21. Ty *Frank* that option did help me, unlike the other options, for vista it worked.

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