Sep 292008

Did you know you can move your Documents, Desktop, Favorites, Music, Videos, Downloads,Pictures, Contacts folders etc from the default location of c:\users\<username> to a different location in “Windows Vista”?

Yes, you can certainly move all these folders to a new location which could be a different folder on the same system or to a completely different partition or a different drive (recognised under windows). One of the biggest advantages is that when you need to reinstall or repair your windows or even want to format the Windows partition, it takes the hassle out of copying those hundreds and thousands of files in your profile onto a different location or even to an external disk. Also, can allow you to allow live on its own partition and keep your personal critical files else where safe and secure by protecting with encryption techniques. This will allow the root disk or your Windows System disk operate on its own without the performance affected because of a full disk encryption.

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