Oct 122010

One of the long standing concerns of Google Chrome users is that there isn't an extension or even a built in function that can perform like “NoScript” for Firefox browser. It not only secures the browser but it also loads the page faster and saves a ton of bandwidth by blocking those contents like adverts, scripts etc by blocking the requests getting out to server.  This unfortunately is not possible in Google Chrome as the APIs do not allow it for performance reasons which means we may never get a “NoScript” for Google Chrome.

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Jun 262008

Finjan is one of the security products company that drew my attention this year at InfoSec 2008 in London. The protfolio reminded of Kasperskys early days.

Finjan SecureBrowsing provides you with safety ratings of URLs showing in your browser. Finjan SecureBrowsing is a security extension for your browser that scans and classifies web addresses to provide you with safety rating of URLs before you visit them. Proactively alerting you to potentially malicious web addresses in links of search results, ads and other selected web pages, SecureBrowsing protects you from webpages that could be used to compromise your privacy and identity.

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