Jan 242008

Did you buy a new PC? Do you find loads and loads of unwanted useless software that you would never ever use in your life? Lots of trailware? Demoware? then you need the PC Decrapifier!!!

It often frustrates that when you invest all your precious money to buy a new PC or laptop and there comes the nice and shiny device loaded with all these useless software that you may never use, trails you would never want, demoware you would never watch all loaded by the PC manufacturer, it doesn’t spare the Dells, HPs, Lenovas. It takes ages for you to clear all these Junk of your PC or someone like me goes to format the PC and do a fresh installation. Worse, when you use the recovery/installation CDs from the manufactuere, they all come back.

Well, we now have The PC Decrapifier!!!!

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