Jan 112010

Just when I ran into a problem with my VMWare Server, I found this cool new online tool, easyVMX to create VMWare Virtual Machines which can be run using vmplayer.

VMWare Player is a free and easy way to run VM Virtual Machines without the having to install VMWare server or workstation on your computer thereby making your VMWare setup lightweight. The downside to using VMWare Player is that it’s only a player and cannot create new virtual machines meaning if you have downloaded a VMWare image from a product image or already created a VM which you want to use on your system then this is the tool for you.

This is where EasyVMX can come in real handy. It is a simple online tool where you can enter the configuration details in the simple online form and generate the required configuration files for your VMware server which then lets you use it along with your guest OS DVD/CD or ISO images.

EasyVMX is available in 2 flavors (3 including the EasyVMX 2.0 beta)  as follows:

EasyVMX – Complete configuration including network and disk configuration etc (beta version has default vista compatibility and more, click here)

Super Simple – Assumes default except for the mandatory configurations of VM name, VM Guest OS type, Memory and Disk size and optionally LiveCD ISO.

Once your VM is generated, you get a zip file with the VMX, simply run the VMX (assuming VMWare player is already, else click here to download VMWare player). This should launch your Guest OS. Click here to create your Virtual Machines from EasyVMZ.

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  1. Hi

    VMPlayer 3.0.0 build-203739, which I have running on a Windows7 (64) Workstation can be used to create new virtual machines. I have just used it to create a series of Debian installs.


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