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If you want to disable beeping sounds in Vista/XP/2003/2000 follow any one of the method.These commands assume administrative rights on the PC.Works especially well to hush Terminal Services Beeping.

Method 1

From Local Machine

To disable the PC Speaker beep temporarily from the command line type the following

net stop beep

To disable the PC Speaker beep for good run the following command

sc config beep start= disabled

if you want to disable beeps to go away even after a reboot, run the following commands

net stop beep

sc config beep start= disabled.

The space between start= and disabled is required.

Method 2

From Remote Machine

If you want to disable beeping sounds from remote machine run the following commands

sc \remoteMachine stop beep

sc \remoteMachine config beep start= disabled

Method 3

For windows XP/2000/2003 Users

Right click on My computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager->View -> Show Hidden Devices -> Non Plug and Play -> Beep -> Right click and select Disable

Now you need to reboot your system

Method 4

Using Tweak UI

Open TweakUI and click on General–>Uncheck the Beep on Errors and click on ok

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  20 Responses to “Disable beeping Sound in Vista/XP/2003/2000”

  1. Good information. Non Geeks can stop the beeping sound by using Tweak UI method. Geeks can stop beeping sound by the other three methods.

  2. thank much for this tip.
    the beeping sound was driving me crazy, now it has stopped.

    excellent instructions!

  3. thanks so much for your tips…but none of them worked.

    in my hidden device list…the “beep” menu is now gone…. i imagine somehow in my aggrivation in trying to fix this i deleted or uninstalled it…

    the command prompt also does not work…

    any other ideas for vista beeps??

  4. Great simple fix for that annoying beeping windows sound its so irritating!!!!

  5. wow , dude,
    it worked,
    it was pain in ass and i used to feel some kind of Heart pain when it BEEPs unwanteldy , unknowingly,

  6. Still beeps for me :( … my eardrums are scrambled eggs now

  7. This doesn’t get rid of the bell sound when clicking on something invalid. My computer is used for playing music and occasionally I need to set the master volume using that little speaker icon in the sys tray (xp or vista). If you click and drag the slider, an awful beep sound will occur. I will be one happy dj the day I figure out how to permanetely get rid of that sound. I tried removing the PC speaker but this noise comes from the sound card. I also tried changing the sound to less anoying one but there has to be a way to just turn it off somehow.

  8. Thank you so much! I’ve searched so many topics all over the net and couldn’t get my particular beep to stop and the command line worked! THANK YOU!!!

  9. Oh thank goodness! You guys are my heros! We have a new system at work that uses the PC speakers to give an error beep for just about everything (typing an incorrect option, etc). There’s no way we’d be able to stand 30 users in one room all learning the system and beeping away every 2.5 seconds.

  10. Phiuh.. thanks for give me this tricks, its really disturbing this noise…

  11. Relieved of annoying sounds. Even my Service Engineer also could not do that. Saved lot of time. In one word, excellent service.

  12. This is very useful! I used to have a virtual machine running in my XP and the beep sound come from the virtual machine “blast” right to my ear because I am listening to music from my host machine while working in my VPC.

    Thanks a lot & thanks God! Now I can on music as loud as I want without feeling worry about the sudden “beep blast”!!

  13. hi,
    i tried all 3 methods and same issue what else can be done?its a dell laptop .

  14. I have had this happen in Office 2000 products running under Vista.

    Here’s a painless way to achieve silence:
    Go to Desktop
    Right-click on My Computer.
    In the list that opens, left-click on Manage.
    Click to continue through any popups that ask for permission to continue.
    The Computer Management window opens.
    Left click on Device Manager in the left pane.
    When the Device Manager window opens,
    click on the top menu View > Show Hidden Devices

    Look in the list in the right hand pane for Non-Plug and Play Drivers and left-click on the + sign to open it up.

    You will see Beep near the top of the list. Right Click on it and choose Properties.
    Select the Driver tab.
    In the Current Status section, left-click on Stop. That stops the Beep immediately.

    In the Startup section, open up the Type list. Left click to choose the option Disabled. That will prevent the Beep from being re-enabled after a reboot.

    Click OK to exit and continue to do it to close the Computer Management window.

    You should find the Beep stops and does not return after a boot.

  15. Thank you so so so much, i hate damn beeps :S, thnx again it works fine with me

  16. what kind of sick person would put such irritating heart agonizing sick beep……thanks for the tips works like a charm.

  17. Thank u so much for the solution..its working fine now for me :)

  18. I got rid of beeping sound from VC++6 with your help. Thank you very much.


    If you’re running Windows Vista and have MS Office 2000 installed, go to “Control Panel”, click on “Classic View” link, then click the “Sound” icon, then click on “Sounds” tab. You’ll then see a scrollable box with default sounds for various programs. The first program listed is “Windows”, under which you’ll find a sound called “Default Beep” which you need to left click to highlight it.

    Now look below the scrollable box and you’ll see the word “Sounds:” and a drop down box. The drop down box should show “Windows Ding.wav”. Click the test button next to this drop down box and you should hear the same beep you hear when trying to open a Word document.

    Now, click the arrow for the drop down box and select the first listed sound, which is “ac3.wav”. (Note: above ac3.wav you’ll see “none”, however, if you change the the Default Beep to “none” then then beep you’ve been hearing will result to a system default beep, which is similar but much louder, so don’t click to select “none”.)

    After clicking on “ac3.wav” to select this sound as a replacement for the “Default Beep’s” default sound (“Windows Ding.wav”) sound you will next click “Apply” or “OK”.

    For some reason, this “ac3.wav” file does not actually work with Word 2000.

    Now, try go to your Programs menu and open up Word 2000 and try to open a Word file. You should no longer hear that irritating beep.

    Good luck!

  20. Yeah it’s working well

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