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If you missed Part 1 and Part2 for Windows server 2000 to windows server 2003 follow these

For Part1

For Part2

In Part3 we will see how to Migrate file server,DHCP Server Migration,Domain controller diagnostics from windows server 2000 to windows server 2003

6. Transfer files/permissions over win server 2003

If you are using this server as file server you need to copy all your data in to the new win server 2003 with the following procedure

For this purpose you can use FSMT tool on Win2K3 server (FSMT cannot be run on Win2K), which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website. Using FSMT all the shared files and folders can be transferred from the old Win2K server to the new Win2K3 server without losing the permissions on the shared folders.

If you want complete detailed Instructions how to use FSMT Check here

7. Take backup of win 2000 DHCP Server database.

  • Run DHCPEXIM.EXE utility from MS Resource Kit (download from here)and export the required DHCP Scope(s) and configurations to a text file and copy this file on to the new win server 2003.
  • Now, you can either disconnect the network cable or shutdown the win server 2000 completely. This server will again be used in the event of this migration failure.

8 . Authorize DHCP Server on win server 2003

  • Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click DHCP

Note:- You must be logged on to the server by using an account that is a member of the Administrators group. In an Active Directory domain, you must be logged on to the server by using an account that is a member of the Enterprise Administrators group.

  • In the console tree of the DHCP snap-in, expand the new DHCP server. If there is a red arrow in the lower-right corner of the server object, the server has not yet been authorized.
  • Right-click the server object, and then click Authorize.

After several moments, right-click the server again, and then click Refresh. A green arrow indicates that the DHCP server is authorized.

9. Running domain controller (on win server 2003) diagnostics tools

From the command prompt, run DCDIAGS and make sure the command is completed successfully, without displaying any errors.If you want DCdiag GUI tool check here

Run adcheck (freeware tool from netiq) run through all the checks and make sure that the domain is healthy. Fix errors if any.You can download from here

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  1. DHCPEXIM.EXE doesn’t export dhcp database on Windows 2003 directly. You need to use netsh dhcp server import “filename” all command. Thanks for this excellent article.

  2. When is (netsh dhcp server import “filename” all) run? After authorizing the DHCP server? Great Article

  3. Excellent Article , I found it is very useful . only there was Lacking information about DHCP export, but it is available in the following MS KB

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