Mar 202008

If you do not wish a file or folder you are deleting (or a group of files or folders) to end up in the recycle bin, for security or privacy reasons, there is a simple keyboard shortcut to avoid it.

To bypass the recycle bin when deleting a file, press and hold the SHIFT key as you press delete or select the delete command from the menu. You will see a request for confirmation, and once you say ‘yes’ the files will be permanently deleted, and absolutely non-restorable from Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000.

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  1. Good tut but there a little false info in there when you said is non-restorable well it still is because the file is still store on you hard-drive and can be restore by restoring software like -

    Undelete –

    To permanently delete files you can use shredding software like file shredder it free and work great!

    Just a little file you should know.

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