Jan 302008

Site links are logical connections that are established between sites is Active Directory that define a path between these sites. A site link defines the direction of Active Directory replication between sites. You can use either RPC over IP or SMTP as the transport protocol for moving replication data over a site link.

Open Active Directory Sites and Services from click Start>Administrative Tools>Active Directory Sites and Services

Open inter-site transport folder from Active Directory Sites and Services/Sites/Inter-Site Transports – inter-site transport folder that contains the type of link you are going to configure

In the details pane, right-click the site link whose cost you want to set, and then click Properties.

In Cost, enter a value for the cost of replication.

To get a feasible cost factor (not including the operating cost of the link) for site links that correlates to the available bandwidth you could use the following formula :

The default value of a site link cost can be changed from any value between 1 and 99,999. That range gives you a lot of freedom to configure any combination of environment and utilization link speeds.


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