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Group Policies are used to apply system and security policies for the client PCs in a Windows Active Directory based Domains. While Group Policies is vast in itself to explain, here is a simple procedure on how to enable/disable a service or a Device driver using Group Policies.

The registry keys that the Group Policy targets to disable the service or the drivers is here


All the device drivers, services & applications can be found here. I’m disabling my Audio device driver for example in this case.

The Audio driver in my PC is aeaudio.sys and the registry key is


In the right-pane, there is a DWORD entry “Start”

The possible values are

“4″ – Disable
“3″ – Manual
“2″ – Automatic
“1″ – System
“0″ – boot

The value “4″ disables the driver. Set the value of the DWORD to “4″ to disable the driver.

 Disable Audio in GPO

Ok. Now, how we do it to multiple client PCs using Group Policies.

Create a new Administrative Template (say sound_dis.adm) with the following

; Replace aeaudio with actual driverkey or service in Registry
; Start = 4 (disable), 3 (manual), 2(automatic), 1 (system), 0 (boot)

Class Machine
CATEGORY “Hardware Control”
POLICY “Disable Soundcard”
KEYNAME “SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\aeaudio”
PART “HW: Analog Devices (Soundmax)” Checkbox

Once done, import the template in GP snap-in and apply to the group of PCs. The next GP update will disable the registry key on the PCs. Test to see there is no more sound from the system.

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  6 Responses to “How to Disable a service or Device Drivers using Group Policies”

  1. how can i create administrative template

  2. thanks for your support

  3. hey! i was reading your post because i need to disable the group policies services, but i cant.

    i have w7, but i havent find a way ….do you know why it can be stop?


  4. i need soluutions for microsoft win 2003 server

    if u can sebd me the starting of practical with each point of win 2003 server till the end that will be gr8 for me

    and how to create a domain in a wireless network

    i have cisco linksys router belkin wireless device and other isps wireless

    how to configure domian on these wireless please send the reply

  5. do we need to reboot this for continuing ..

  6. Well said….
    But my problem is a little complicated.
    I have a laptop with Win XP as the OS. It has an administrator account which is controlled by a company person.
    In it all the devices were blocked(eg. WiFi, BT, USB), I cracked all these restrictions but the sound device isn’t working. It says the sound driver is installed, the device is disabled. But, the enable button is NOT WORKING.
    Plz give me a suggestion on this.

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