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A Windows 2000 server domain controller running on old hardware has to be replaced with a new hardware running Windows 2003 Server as the Domain Controller. This tutorial will explain how to migrate win server 2000 to win server 2003 includes Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, File server, Rename new win server 2003 same as your old win server 2000.

In this tutorial we are assuming that you are using same domain name as on your new win server 2003.This tutorial was devided into 4 parts Follow one by one which is suitable for you

Basic Installation

If you want basic windows server 2003 installation guide check here


In this tutorial preparing your server for migration which includes running forestprep and domainprep,installing DNS server and testing

Check Part1 tutorial


In this tutorial how to Transfer FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations) Roles from Windows server 2000 to Windows Server 2003

Check Part2 tutorial


In this tutorial you learn about how to migrate your windows server 2000 to windows server 2003 using fsmt,DHCP Server Migration,Running domain controller diagnostics

Check Part3 tutorial

Part4 (Final Part)

In this tutorial we will see how to demote your old win server 2000 machine from domain controller,Raise the domain level functionality to native Windows 2003,Rename your new windows server 2003

Check Part4 tutorial

That’s it.If you have some suggestions or something missing please let us know.

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  1. excellent informaiton,

    it was really helpful and because of your post i understood the migration part.

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  2. It is really nice to refer this guideline, it is helpful.

  3. Very nice post,thanks a lot very informative

  4. Nice guideline.

  5. A really outstanding outline of what has to be done when a W2K DC has to be migrated to W2003. It is hard to find good documentation on a topic that is quite complex!

    Congratulations and Thanks

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