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If you’re like me you probably start the same applications every morning, such as your web browser,Outlook,MS Word etc this simple tip will help you to start all these applications at once.This is very simple process and very useful.

Start>run type notepad click ok

First you need to Get the paths for the programs you want to start.One simple way to get them is right-click on each of the existing shortcuts, choose the Properties option, and then copy the Target path

Enter the paths for each of the programs into Notepad, one per line and make sure each line start with the following command

start “”

If the path of your application has a space in it, you’ll need to surround the entire path with quotes.Sample one looks like below

Now you need to save this file as .bat file for this go to File>Save as> enter the name of the file with .bat click on save

If you save correctly you can see similar to the following icon on your desktop or wherever you saved

That’t it now you can start all your daily usefull programs at once this will save startup time of each application.

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  7 Responses to “Launch Multiple Programs at Once Using Simple Batch File”

  1. Thank you! The extra quotes in between START and the process path were key for me.

    I wrote a little blurb on how I use this to automate the closing/restarting of multiple services and processes for gaming.

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way (I’m betting there is, but I can’t seem to find it) to also include the window size of each program and location on the screen. For example, “F:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Nero StartSmart\NeroStartSmart.exe” Height=1000; width=600; etc…

  3. thanks it was very useful to me.

  4. Thanks for this. I too had the problem with not having “” so that was my solution. By the way, you can also stick the .bat in your Startup folder for it to autorun at startup each time, rather than booting, then manually launching the .bat file. But a helpful guide nonetheless.

  5. Awesome. I needed a quick way to test multiple VPN connections via multiple ping test without having to manually open a cmd window to run a ping test on each. This works like a charm.

  6. I was breaking my head for opening files which has spaces and spl characters on it’s name thru .bat files. start “” fixed that perfectly with out renaming the file with _.

    Thanks alot for this post.

  7. Thanks for your post, it helped me much! I should only say that I found out that it’s much better to create batch files with help of Dr.Batcher ( http://www.drbatcher.com ). It supports syntax highlighting, tips on parameters, and lets you convert batch file to EXE, so it’s really handy.

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