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Here is the simple way to release and renew IP address, if the IP address of your computer is assigned by DHCP server set up in your network.

1) Go to Start and click Run.

2) Run window will appear. Type cmd and click OK.

3) Command prompt window will appear. Type ipconfig. You then will see the IP address and other network information of your network card.

4) Type ipconfig /release to release the IP address.

5) Finally type ipconfig /renew to get new IP address.

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  2. If you need to elevate the command (if you are running Windows Vista), then what you need to do is this:
    1) click Start
    2) type in the text area in the lower left-hand section of the start menu (this should be where your cursor defaults to, so if you just start typing without moving your mouse, it should be okay) “cmd” (without the quotes, of course)
    3) wait for “cmd.exe” to show up in the start menu area (under the heading “Programs”)
    4) right-click (if your mouse is set up as the default setting, otherwise use the mouse button that is set up as the “secondary click (context menu / special drag)” button) on “cmd.exe” and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu that pops-up
    5) when the dialog box comes up (User Account Control) asking you for permission (to make sure you initiated the action), select “Continue” (because you did indeed initiate this action, and wish to continue this way)
    6) you are now running the command prompt as an administrator, and can continue to release and renew your connection as is described above (in the current Command Prompt window).

    Good luck!

  3. I just discovered that you may also do this:
    1) click Start
    2) type in that text area “cmd” (without the quotes)
    3) press “Ctrl + Shift + Enter” (instead of just pressing “Enter”)
    4) select “Continue” from the User Account Control dialog box that appears

    It looks like Ctrl+Shift+Enter is a shortcut to “Run as Administrator”, which is quite nice to have!
    This tip is only valid for running commands from the Search text box in Vista. This does not work from the “Run…” style of command, supposedly in any version of Windows (I can’t test that out and verify or deny this, however – it is merely an assumption of my own, obey or ignore or whatever at your own risk!)

  4. Hey Dustin,
    thanks for the tip, im running Vista 32 Enterprise on Bootcamp Macbook Pro and unforuntely your short cut keys don’t work. that sucks for me. but thanks for the tip! i shall endeviour to Run as Admin the old fashioned right click way

  5. Thanks man…got that same needs evaluation error. Didn’t even thing to run it in Admin mode!

  6. hi, i ran it as admin and everything but when i command it to release/renew it says that “no operation can be performed while it’s media disconnected” :S help!!

  7. Till date, i have come up till this Thing..
    You need to run in Admin mode to change IP….in VISTA…
    write cmd in search bar.. right click the cmd, and click run as Admin….
    type ipconfig/ renew…. Hope that works…
    (It might say “Media in disconnected state”, if then,, try other site…..)…Never found a solution for that without removing IPv6…

  8. After performing the above steps, it says
    Media State : Media Disconnected.

    Please let me know the steps how to slove this

  9. Hi.
    Tried all that and now get( no adapter is in the state for this operation) I think it’s Norton stopping it.
    My windows xp took 2 minutes, Vista is now 3 hours and not done yet.

  10. hey i’m working with the same (media disconnected) error, i use vista x64 i have learned so far the in order to release the ip for a specific adapter you must specify the adapter ex. ipconfig/release6 to find a list of your adapters, and to find the ones with media disconnected type ipconfig/all this will bring up all of your adapters, media connected or not. i have not yet fixed my problem but i hope this helps someone else.

  11. thanks very much… very helpful

  12. to release the ip adress you have to be connected to a network

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