Jan 182008

Here is the simple way to release and renew IP address, if the IP address of your computer is assigned by DHCP server set up in your network.

1) Go to Start and click Run.

2) Run window will appear. Type cmd and click OK.

3) Command prompt window will appear. Type ipconfig. You then will see the IP address and other network information of your network card.

4) Type ipconfig /release to release the IP address.

5) Finally type ipconfig /renew to get new IP address.

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  1. I am having trouble releasing and renewing my ip. When i try to release my ip it tells me that it needs to be elevated. When i try to renew it, it says cannot renew when media is disconnected. I’m online when i try to do this in CMD. Please tell me what im doing wrong. Im connected to internet using a wireless data card. *dial up* with windows vista.

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