May 282011

While trying to access DFS shares over a VPN connection, you may be faced with “Access Denied” errors in Windows 7.
This could happen if

1. You username for the VPN connection and the username on the remote domain a

re the same and have different passwords.

2. if you use 3rd Party RADIUS implementation than Microsoft Routing and Remote Access or a Microsoft Radius Server.

Case 1: Same username

If the problem is the same username use for the VPN connection and remote domain then this is expected behaviour. When a VPN connection is established, Windows 7 will cache those credentials. It then will use the cached credentials for accessing local resources as well if the username is the same. Since the cached password is not correct for the domain, it results in access denied for the local resources.
To resolve the problem,

Simply use different username for the VPN connection and the remote domain. Or, fix it the insecure way by setting the password on the VPN connection to be the same as that of the remote domain. This is not recommended though.
Case 2: 3rd Party RADIUS implementation

To resolve the problem, simply do the following:

1. Search and locate the .pbk file that contains the entry that you dial.

2. Edit the file in Notepad and locate the following entry:


3. Modify the entry to the following:


4. Save the file and that should fix the problem.


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