Feb 162009

The default Power Management options in Windows 7 Beta turns off the Hard Disk after 20mins. This could cause problems when the PC comes out of sleep mode or hibernation.

To work around the problem set the Power Options for the Hrd Disk to never turn off. To do this

1. Click Start – Control Panel – System and Security – Power Options
2. Click “Change Plan Settings” on the “Balanced (recomended)”
3. Click “Change Advanced power settings

4. Under the “Turn Off Hard Disk after” option change the timing to “0″ which should set it to Never. Click Apply and OK.


This should help!


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  4 Responses to “Default Hard Disk Power options crashes Windows 7 when recovering from Sleep mode”

  1. I got the settings to “never” but after a sleep my second hdd is gone.

  2. Dude You Rock!

    Apparently this was the problem for my computer. Not only with the crashes – but also with using Hulu!

    I am SOOOO HAPPY right now!!!

    Thank you!!!!!

  3. Thanks ^^


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