Feb 142009

When trying to Dual-Boot your Windows 7 beta with Windows Vista or Windows XP and installed Windows 7 in a seperate hard disk then you would have lost the option to Dual-Boot from your previous OS (say Windows Vista).

While you have not lost your Windows Vista, all you need to do is to add a Boot Loader entry into your Windows 7 for Windows Vista or vice versa if you choose to recover your Windows Vista from the CD.

You can simply add the Windows Vista entry to the WIndows 7 Bootloader using a tool like EasyBCD.

or manually add an entry as follows,

1. Click Start – Search for cmd. Right-click “CMD” and choose “Run As Administrator“.

2. Run the following commands to create a Boot entry for Windows Vista:

Create a new Entry in the Boot Configuration Data Store

bcdedit /create /d “Windows Vista” /application osloader

This should create an entry for Windows Vista with an identifier like this


Set the device partition & the OS device partition where Windows Vista is installed

bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} device partition=C:

bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} osdevice partition=E:

E: is where Windows Vista is installed

Set the path for Windows Boot Loader and the System Root

bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} path \Windows\system32\winload.exe

bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} systemroot \Windows

Set the Display Order on the Boot Menu

bcdedit /displayorder {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} /addlast

This should help!


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