Oct 282012

ElevatedShortcut is a free portable application which supports Windows 7 and [now] Windows 8. It can create the special shortcut which will suppress UAC prompt in case if it is usually appeared, i.e application will be started elevated without any prompt

The key features of ElevatedShortcut are following:

Create new elevated shortcut or convert existing shortcut to elevated.
Delete the previously created shortcut.
Explorer context menu integration for exe, cmd, bat and com files.
Russian and English UI language.
All elevated shortcuts will be created using Windows Task Scheduler, so you will be able to use them even if you have deleted the ElevatedShortcut application.
An application which is started from the elevated shortcut will have NORMAL priority instead of BELOW NORMAL (like Task Scheduler does it by default) for better performance.

Download ElevatedShortcut for Windows 7 and Windows 8

You can download ElevatedShortcut for Windows 7 and Windows 8 from here

Demo Video

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