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In windows 7, when you try to connect using your PPPoE connections, you may be faced with the following error:

Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

These connections would work just fine with Windows XP or Windows Vista PCs.

Again, you are not alone, this seems to be a known bug in Windows 7 that is being worked at. However, you can workaround this problem.

The RAS PPPoE driver file “raspppoe.sys” found under c:windowssystem32drivers folder seems to be the root cause of the problem. Fortunately, we can workaround the problem simply by renaming the original raspppoe.sys file to something like “raspppoe_orig.sys” copying a working file from a Windows Vista system. If you do not have access to a Windows Vista system. click here to download raspppoe.sys file (unzip).

This should help!


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  1. I did the above and my modem has stopped functioning. There is a yellow exclamation in device manager over the modem driver.
    I am running windows 7 build 7100 and a Reatek RT8168C lan card. Any other suggestions?

  2. How do you bypass TrustedInstaller so as to change the file name?

  3. Also tried this method, but didn’t work.

    I uninstalled MS Virtual PC 2007 and did a reboot… problem solved !

  4. I uninstalled MS Virtual PC 2007 aswell and problem solved..!

  5. its really gud // ts in layman language

  6. Have had no success connecting Windows 7 Home Ed (final ed) to the internet with USB ADSL Modem – always get Error Code 651. Have tried x2 Modems (Zoom / Thomson 330) but exactly the same problem. HELP

  7. Tried this fix but no joy – same error (651). Even tried x2 different USB ADSL Modems (Thomson 330 / Zoom) – after downloading suitable (Vista) drivers . . . . and even though Device Manager said both modems were working . . . I get the same error.

    Basically – help. Win7 looks good but without ADSL USB Modem connectivity to the Internet, there are going to be thousands of angry people . . . once they use a friends computer !

  8. Couldn’t perform fix. Couldn’t get around “TrustedInstaller” window.

  9. yes. seems like just uninstallaing microsoft virtual pc 2007 solves the problem.

  10. where i can find ms virtual pc? i already reinstall my os but still no luck…

  11. Same problem as described above. No joy by changing raspppoe.sys and cannot get round the ‘trustedinstaller’ window. Does anyone have a better solution?

  12. I have tried to find the Microsoft Virtual pc 2007 by searching tool on my computer, but still got nothing. can anyone tell me how to find the MS Virtual pc 2007 then I can uninstall it. please!!!

  13. I have the same problem and have run into the same trustedinstaller issue. What else can be tried, or how can I work around that?

  14. Hi all,

    I’ve got the same problem as well. Tried several options: different routers/modems, LAN, wireless, changing the raspppoe.sys file to Vista –> none has worked so far.

    I can not find the program MS Virtual pc 2007 on my Sony Vaio. Does Microsoft really don’t have a solution for this?
    Since my laptop can’t connect to the internet, I don’t know if Microsoft released a patch or something for this problem. Have they?

    Thanks for any advice

  15. Brand new netgear modem but it will not connect to cable modem. My old netgear works fine. I don’t think it is a windows 7 problem but someting in the modem as the old one works fine. You don’t even have to have the wireless connected to a computer for it to find the cable modem if it is working properly. So if when you are trying to set up the new wireless it has to find the cable modem and internet connection inorder to not give you the 651 error. Now how do you correct that?

  16. My vista pc did not display my nokia 6275 modem hence unable to dial, shows error 651. Please help

    Sent on a phone using

  17. Hade the same problem (erroer 651). Nobody could help.
    Try this- Start, control panel, PROGRAMS(uninstall a program), Turn Windows features on or off . Now check to see if the relavant checks are on. [internet information services hostable web core] was unchecked, why windows 7 turned it of I dont know, but when I tunerd it on my connections worked.

  18. Hey Buddy ur Resolution With ras Dwd , Fixed My Comp.. My Win 7 Is Working Perfect !!

  19. Trying to switch hi speed internet Cableone) from XP to Windows 7. Get error 651. references modum problem. Would appreciate comment

  20. First: ppl who are talking they cant get all the rights Trusted Installer has you are idiots! Dig some more! Computer is a great thing, when you are from this age!
    Second: the thing with file you talking about is not working, but i know how to solve this problem, write me ! ;)

  21. Had the 651 error but did a fresh reinstall of win 7 and it seems to have fixed the problem.

    If you were as desperate as i was you might wanna give it a try :D

  22. I had the “651″ error, changed ([internet information services hostable web core) by turning it on. Did not do any good. Went in and Changed the raspppoe.sys as was suggested and now get a 797 error.I have some programs that can’t see the internet and some that do. I can get on using the wireless option but I want to use ethernet cable.
    ** to change the raspppoe.sys you have to right click on the file and go to properties and change access levels.

  23. there are lots of questions here but where are the comments about these questions i am interested in Comment by Geoff Jarratt on August 11, 2009 @ 1:27 am

  24. I can’t beleive it: I uninstalled Virtual PC 2007 and it made the trick. My VPN is working again. Thanks.

  25. seriously, i cant find virtual pc anywhere so if you dont have it i guess you don’t have to uninstall it but i still get the error, and there are no answers to all these questions… ridiculous!

  26. please check local area connection, make sure it’s enable.
    called customer service of my dsl provider. he guided me to this and solive my error 651.

  27. hey guys I have this problem and I tried to change name of folder but I can’t coz permission and i tried to change permission but it was all hidden and cannot edit so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez i buy laptop new with Win 7 and the connection yesterday working but today not work and error 651 appear…!!! i try another laptop OS XP its working on internet but my lap not work … any help it will be welcome

  28. Hi guys, can someone tell me where is Vitual PC program? Cant find it…

  29. cmd.exe with administrator option (regithclick upon de icon) > write: “takeown /F C:\windows\system32\drivers\raspppoe.sys”
    > open explorer an go there > finally, change the name of the file.

    note: its useless, because then you need a WAN miniport adapter and there is no driver for it. So its seems a message microsoft… “¡¡CHANGE YOUR OLD USB MODEM, AND GET A ROUTER!!”.

    ¬¬ I hate them xDDD

  30. hi all,
    ras solution not working…. nothing changed and still receiving 651 error., plz advise

  31. hi all,
    i think until this moment no solution for this problem !!!!
    how microsoft produces OS suffering of multiple errors!!!!!??????
    down shit…

  32. This is for all the Newbs in this post and those that where guessing at the solution to the 651 error. The reason for this error is due to people using the “Setup new connection or network” option in the Netwrok and internet center control panel. THIS IS WRONG!!! do not use this unless you are setting up a VPN. If you are not setting up a VPN leave this ALOWN!!! Windows 7 needs no netwrok setup to connect to a “Broadband connection” or otherwise call the “Always on” service. Instead go to properties and delete the setting out of the connections table that you have put in by using the remove button after selecting the connections, then simply power cycle your modem and computer in that order to let windows 7 config the connection for you.

    That is all you ever had to do!!!
    Laters Master Matt

  33. please Master Matt explain the solution, what we need to delete from setting?
    i want to tell you i tried to connect by VBN like this step:
    set up new connection or network->connect to the Internet->
    set up new connection->PPPOE-> “Connection failed with error 651 ” , but when I connect another PC it’s connect direct without any configuration because all of conig in router…
    so please help me to solve this problem>>>

  34. Matt is absolutely correct. Windows 7 needs no network setup to connect to a “Broadband connection” or otherwise call the “Always on” service.
    Trying to run “Setup new connection or network” option, while not setting up a VPN, in the Network and internet center control panel while trying to fix a 651 error is never going to work. The simple solution to his error is to make sure your on a home network in the network and sharing center in your active networks as you prob never let win7 configure your setting for you on he install or you chose to have win7 set your networking settings to the public settings.

  35. Ehab
    Once connected 7 identifies connection, labeling Public network, if as you say “changing to a home network” will fix this 651 error then how do you change it?

    Also I never used the “Setup new connection or network” option in the Netwrok and internet center control panel. 7 identifed my wireless connection after upgrading my system from xp but not a new LAN connection??? WTF

  36. my problem is, registry settings in “WAN/ATM/ADSL miniport” MAC address 12 characters with ¬ character. so its like “0015DBA5F31D¬” it has 13 characters.
    in device mmngr its show as “FFFFFFFFFFFF”. after remove that character from registry device mmngr show it as “0015DBA5F31D” like vista. but after modem remove and plugin that MAC address replace with that character. this is wht different its that vista.
    anyone know anything about i think this is problem bcoz in vista nt like that.

  37. Being new to windows 7, this is what worked for me. I was able to connect via wireless as some people stated, but when I tried to connect via cat5(wired), I received the same error 651. Type in search “connections”, then click on network connections and enable the connection you want to use and disable the one you dont want to use, Windows 7 should pick up all available connections for you on the initial setup. Now that I’ve found it I feel pretty retarded, but while searching through the control panel, I was unable to find all my connections like old window OS’s

  38. this didnt work, also, ssems amusing when you expect someone to connect to the internet to download a file which the problem in the first place is that it cant connect to the network and therefor the internet in the first place!
    Windows and micro soft, need to start testing there software before realesing it on the market, its the same story evertime, this is exactly with everyone is switching to linux and apple! customers have had enough of being test pilots !!!

  39. i have one problem with TrustedInstaller but now is fine, tks a lot.

  40. “Master Matt” is absolutely correct – I did the steps that he has listed, restarted the computer, clicked the work off line button (as it was checked) and it came on! :) Thank you!!

  41. this error can be removed just enabling one option in the modem.
    get into the modem (through in most of the cases) then configure it in bridge mode. while configuring there is one option “Enable Bridge Service”, just put a tick on it or enable this option. it will work.

  42. Apparently there are a number of things that can cause a “651″ error. In my case it was happening because I had forgotten to add my mac address to the list of approved mac addresses maintained in the router. I have a Belkin, and the address for accessing it online is I went into “mac address filtering” in the firewall section and added the mac address of my new computer. To make changes you will have to enter your password. At one time you, or someone on your behalf would have had to do this with your old computer, but if you are like me after a month or two you forget. In case you have forgotten, you find the mac address by going into DOS and entering “ipconfig/all”.

  43. A very interesting group of postings and very helpful. Thanx.

  44. Had same error on my girlfriend’s PC.. Master Matt’s advice worked. Had RASPPPOE .dll all ready to go just in case but didn’t have to resort to it.

    Just deleted the “extra” connections, and then told it to repair the “Local Area Connection” (it’s all under control panel — list connections… right-click/repair).

    I had to go the extra step of powering down the cable modem and restarting it (which Windows told me to do — And what do you know, it was right).

    Thanks all for the help!

  45. Do make sure to go into Device Manager and make sure your Network Adapters are all set to enabled.

    I had been using a lan connection, upgraded my laptop to 7, then let a friend borrow my lan and all of a sudden I was unable to connect to the internet.

    I had tried contacting my apartment’s ISP (they only spoke japanese) and modem maker (they only replied in korean) and microsoft, but not a one mentioned (as far as I could tell anyhow) looking at the device manager.

    but in the end I just fixed the problem by randomly deciding to open device manager, and noticing that one of my network adapters had been disabled.

  46. I am not sure if this is going to help you all but I had a customer who had a same problem and was using a Scientific Atlanta modem. We had to delete a broadband connection from network connections and restarted the modem. Here what we need to do. Shutdown the modem and wait for atleast 2 mins. Go to Network and sharing center and go to change adapter settings. Delete any broadband connection created which is for dialup (Which I guess we dont need when we have high speed internet). restart the modem and you should be connected. Please note that this resolution might not work for everyone but hope it helps a few.. I work for Dell.. Have a nice day..

  47. I want to connect my new laptop having windows7 from broadband
    connection .
    but I have try more times but unable so help me to do this.

  48. Also this may sound silly but just check the wireless switch is turned on – it may be a physical switch on the machine or for netbooks it may be a function key combo :-)

  49. I had a problem connecting my new dell after it worked fine for a couple of months and found out there was button on the top left hand corner, the f2 button that turns the connection on and off. has a symbol of a tower.

  50. Some great comments and ideas, thank you. However, I need to append a clarification to Master Matt’s and Mark’s comments regarding “always on”.

    Broadband internet is not “always on”. “Broadband” has nothing to do with the “state” or “method” of high speed connection. Broadband internet is a particular quality of “high speed internet” which is defined on a state by state or country by country basis.

    High Speed Internet can be served in a few different ways, here are the three most common (in USA).
    1. “Always On” DHCP. Can be w/ or w/o a separate modem-like device. Historically this was through Cable service providers (eg Cox), but other options are available.
    2. “Always On” or “Keep Alive” PPPoE. Not technically “always on”. Requires a modem (or router) to manage the connection. Traditionally this has been DSL providers like AT&T.
    3. “On Demand” PPPoE. Also traditionally DSL providers.

    #2 and #3 are not really service or provisioning differences but they are instead options in the authenticating device (modem, router or computer) on how the device handles the connection process. “Always On” PPPoE is still technically “On Demand”…it’s just not handled that way.

    A computer which is connected directly to a DHCP device – be it a “direct” connection to DHCP provider w/o a modem device or a modem+router which is handling DHCP or PPPoE connection – will only need the Local Area Connection enabled and it is true that going through “Create a connection” is a waste of time unless needing VPN.

    However, if the computer is connected directly to a bridged modem/router or otherwise having a direct connection to a PPPoE servicing ISP, then using “Setup new connection or network” is not! a waste of time and is in fact necessary. It is this process which Vista and Win7 will create a connection of which the default name is “Broadband Connection”.

    If a “pppoe dialer” or “broadband connection” is needed for a PPPoE High Speed service, then you appear to need the raspppoe.sys file. Simply deleting your connection named “broadband connection” won’t help. If your provider set up the “broadband connection” icon on your Desktop or your Network Connections screen…leave it or get with them to replace it, because w/o that icon or connection…you aren’t getting online even if the error is fixed.

    There are a host of other ISP configurations possible, I just described the top 2-3 basic, most common setups in the US. Check the internet for more information on ISP types.

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