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In windows 7, when you try to connect using your PPPoE connections, you may be faced with the following error:

Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

These connections would work just fine with Windows XP or Windows Vista PCs.

Again, you are not alone, this seems to be a known bug in Windows 7 that is being worked at. However, you can workaround this problem.

The RAS PPPoE driver file “raspppoe.sys” found under c:windowssystem32drivers folder seems to be the root cause of the problem. Fortunately, we can workaround the problem simply by renaming the original raspppoe.sys file to something like “raspppoe_orig.sys” copying a working file from a Windows Vista system. If you do not have access to a Windows Vista system. click here to download raspppoe.sys file (unzip).

This should help!


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  175 Responses to “Error 651 with PPPoE connections in Windows 7”

  1. i think this has become a worldwide question,and too many people consider that the above way cant solve the problem,so i want to try maxigas’s method,but i wonder wherer can i find the virtual pc 2007??
    any help will be appreciated.

  2. none OF solutions worked for me on that forum. and here is what i did than: just change cable conecting modem and pc with ethernet cable! WORKS! :D

  3. @irene – If you have it, look under add/remove or uninstall programs (depending on windows version).

  4. HI all,
    FADOLA ‘s solution worked for me..can’t comment about the renaming of system file in system32.At the same time i asked my ISP technician to reset my ip.After a number of failed attempts..this was the solution that worked..


  5. windows 7 asks permissions to change rasppoe.sys filename… I logged in as administrator only.

  6. Hi there I’m a technician working for an ISP, while the some of the above information is correct it has been discovered that error 651 can also indicate a time out problem. similar to error 678 and 815 with previous versions of windows. I potential fix for this would be to reset the ip stack/winsock. run your command prompt in administrative mode.

    type the following commands

    netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
    netsh winsock reset

    restart the computer and test.

    I have had some success in the past, and this should correct a miner time out problem on the computers end.

  7. I had the same problem, on a brand new sweet gaming pc, with getting online and error 651, and i spent 8 hours trying to fix it without luck. So very frustrated i installed Call of Duty 4, to play the singleplayer (the only game i had that didnt require internet) and when i launched the multiplayerpart from the singleplayer, i was suddenly online…
    So the cure for error 651: Call of Duty 4

  8. alright guys the solution to this is deleting the broadband connection that is all , trust me it is all you have to do to fix error 651, here are the steps:
    1. control panel
    2. network and internet
    3. network and sharing center
    4. change adapter setting(left hand side)
    5. DELETE broadband connection

    that is all you have to do!
    thanks to master matt

    Master Jolaman

  9. I’m still facing problems with my internet connection. I’ve tried: changing ethernet cables, opening CMD and tryping
    netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
    netsh winsock reset, Checked Internet information services hostable web core, tried replacing raspppoe but couldn’t rename or delete the file.

    CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME? Please? x) Am sick and tired of looking at forums and trying to fix this problem without any solution.

  10. pessoal ja tive esse problema ,’bate cabeça’ com isso,mas consiguir a soluçao,percebi que a maioria dos pc novos
    o wilerres cabo sem fio esta desativado.
    para ativar basta precionar ´fr’ e depois ‘f11′ do seu teclado assim uma luz verde acendera no cantinho..
    espero que ajude a vcs

  11. deleting broadband connection..? mine is grayed out and cannot delete it..

  12. oh actually I get error 638 after deleting broadband connection.. dead end..?

  13. hi all,
    I m unable to rename rass file it is showing security warning ( Administration permission required)

    receiving 651 error., plz advise

  14. If a connection is grayed out in your Network Connections screen or if you are getting a prompt that “admin permissions are needed”…then get administrative privileges. Talk to the person who manages your computer or a tech. If your login/username doesn’t have admin permissions and you can’t switch and log in as an admin, then you need hands-on tech help.

    In Windows Vista or 7 (XP too I think) CTRL-ALT-DEL or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC at the log in prompt might give you the ability to enter “administrator” for a username. This is something I haven’t tried so will need confirmation. (Usually CTRL-SHIFT-ESC brings up the task manager, not sure if it does the same thing at the login prompt.)

    @frank – (using Ryan’s suggestion to run netsh reset commands) – You will need to delete and recreate the broadband (the pppoe dialer) connection if your ISP requires you to use one.

  15. By replacing raspppoe.sys makes your internet connection run fine at that point of time but after then when you restart your computer, it gives you a new error 797.

  16. Try changing ‘Public Sharing’ settings and file and printer sharing in the ‘Advance Sharing settings’. I was able to log into the router and the 651 error went away.

  17. Under connections in the Internet Options, select never dial a connection. This worked for me. My ISP refer me to Microsoft but their trick didn’t work, and that was to rename the driver.

  18. Master Matt ,Can u tell me the steps to resolve the problem…”Error:651 Your Modem is reported an error”. AS u said to delete something…
    actually what to delete..whether is to delete broadband connection?.If so there is chance of reporting error like 638,which is stated by Jeff.Can u help me plzzzzzzzz.

  19. Matt , i am using Windows 7 os and faced this 651 Error problem

  20. I fixed this problem by one or all of these selecting automatic detect settings, changing static IP to assign an IP, disabling Bonjour service. Making sure “never dial” was selected

    I did not replace the raspppoe.sys file.

  21. all rubbish.. jus talk to ur ISP dealer..
    i faced d same problem.. but was solved..

  22. Did I mention there were 2 other computers both XP that were connected to the same Linksys router and Comcast modem that were working with no problems. So the ISP was not the problem at all.

  23. friends…….i solved this problem as…my desktop is win XP and my laptop is WIn 7. I created a new dial-up connection in my laptop and tried to connect through wireless way…mean time i disconnected the dial up connection in desktop temporarily.That’s all NET is connected.”I found that both my desktop and laptop are not able to connect simultaneously.”
    If still problem is there for you.give an IP for DNS server, default gate way and try the above method.IF still problem is there contacting your ISP dealer is best

  24. Thanks for the great help.

  25. Go to Modem Configuration Page at

    Enter User name And Password

    Go to Configuration-> Internet

    There will be somthing like pppoe 0_35
    with Disconnect written under it.

    Click on the Dustibin icon to delete it.

    Then click on Add.

    In VCI change from 38 to 35

    Click on next

    Select Bridging in protocol and Select LLC/SNAP
    in Encapsulation Type.

    Click Next

    Click Next again

    click on Apply

    This Will Work For Sure….

  26. Wisest word so far was that 651 can have different causes, although most of them related to W7′s behaviour in one or another way, probably. In case it helps someone

    THIS IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME (with you it might be different, though):

    Following restart procedures I finally got a dialog window that enabled me to remove ‘broadband connections’, connections icon in taskbar>right click on item>[properties] did NOT give me the option to remove, at last not as the type of user I run this session at, and I’v not investigated changing this.

    What brought the real help was ENABLING the ethernet card, which was disabled, who did it ?
    The challenge was getting there.
    START>control panel> and then things are getting very ‘dynamic’- different control options are grouped in very changing ways according to how you click your way through the options. What you need, is the “device manager”, and probably SYSTEM and HARDWARE are terms that will help getting you there.
    Once there, things look familiar again, a file-tree-like display should show the devices, if not: View>devices by type.
    >find ‘network adapter’, open, find your ethernet card, and
    -right click and enable if disabled, or
    -try opening and clicking your way around .

    I found under Network adapters a ms virtual wifi miniport adaper, am I right that this is a good thing to get rid of? And was this post helpful?

  27. What is the reason for this ’651′ error come in only windows 7 & vista?

  28. thnx “” for ur bridging technique…
    its worked…!!

    those having the f**king error 651 can try this bridging

    Thnx bro.!!

  29. Charlie, that was the trick!

    I was connected to my modem but didnt get any internet acess. When I disabeld all the settings in public shring it suddenly worked! Thanks!

    (Control panel->network and internet->network and sharing center->chose sharing settings->advanced sharingsettings->public settings.. Im using swedish windoes, so the locationnames may differ)

    “Try changing ‘Public Sharing’ settings and file and printer sharing in the ‘Advance Sharing settings’. I was able to log into the router and the 651 error went away.”

  30. I have Wi-Fi router working in Access Point mode. After installing Win7 x64 my wireless network adapter (RTL 8185 chip)was already successfully defined and was able to connect to router. But PPPOE connection to ISP returned 651 error. None of all solution above wasn’t worked for me. I’m wondering that driver from Realtek for Win7x64 doesn’t help me too.

    Problem was solved when i had install original driver from manufacturer for my wireless adapter. Solution for me was driver downloaded from:

    Hope this help!

  31. “Comment by ryan on April 25, 2010 @ 6:22 pm”

    Thanks, now it’s fixed

  32. Hi
    I Cant To rename that file (windows dont let me)
    please Help

  33. Hello. I apologize for not really speak English well
    My problem is the same as the others.
    PC / Thomson Modem / Belkin WiFi Router
    The problem for me is 651.
    I do not understand what to do and how to delete a broadband connection.
    raspppoe.sys file exchanges were carried out.
    but then the 797 error appears.
    What is more to be done?

  34. I’m in error 651 hell… I have yet to get online with my new PC. An Alienware idiot, who didn’t know that you have to put spaces between things in some command prompt lines (“No, you need to type it exactly as I say, no spaces!”) tells me (after four hours of reading google results to me… seriously, he had no knowledge of computers) it’s the ISP. The ISP (Charter) sends install guys instead of tech guys; they look at the computer, nod to each other, and say, “It’s the computer.” They did zero troubleshooting. Basically, I’m getting an IP address starting with 169. If I try to release and renew the IP address from the command prompt (run as admin, of course), it will release, but it hangs on renewing and I never get further than that.

    Help!!! I really want to use my PC.

  35. Hi.

    I experienced the same problem just 3 days ago. I read most options and finally decided to go old school and do a System Restore and my “Error 651″ was solved. I’m not sure if the recent Windows update is part of the problem which I got the day before. After Sytem Restorem, those same updates came but I haven’t installed them, if I do and the bloody ERROR happens again. I’ll holla!

    I also called my internet server and they told me they tried all solutions with other customers and nothing worked. The technical guy I spoke also told me that because its a Windows 7 bug problem it will keep coming back even if I re-install windows 7.

    The only solution it seems, is for Microsoft to fix the bug.
    I hope this helps:-)

  36. Here is What i tried it worked for me. PS: I use Win7 HomePremium (Turkish Lang).

    Control Panel
    Internet And Network thing
    Network And Sharing
    on the left side you will see Change Adapter Setting
    Now that were here turn on your Local Area Network
    Go back and start a new network
    Broadband (PPPoE)
    Enter your ISS name and Password
    There you go !

  37. Do not listen to Juddah’s advice. The settings he suggested people change are ISP specific and if you change your modem’s VPI/VCI setting from 0.35 to 0.38 or something else you may only find yourself in more trouble.

    That number in the modem MUST match what your ISP uses. If you change it you may be able to connect but you won’t be able to view webpages, and routers usually won’t connect

  38. Thought I would chime in with the solution to my win7 internet connection error issue [651].

    Bought a new Compaq desktop [cq5500f] with Win7 home premium, to replace my old WinXP desktop, that right out of the box could not locate the internet/ISP when wired directly with my Uverse router 3800hgv. Which had previous worked fine on my WinXP desktop. Even though I would continually receive the 651 error in win7, I could ping all my default and gatway IPs in the command prompt, and even So it seemed obvious that it was a Win7 OS issue.

    Anyway, after reading this entire thread I decided to first use a windows restore point, and then reset/rebooted my router. I then tried taking Fadola’s advice: “Try this- Start, control panel, PROGRAMS(uninstall a program), Turn Windows features on or off . Now check to see if the relavant checks are on. [internet information services hostable web core] was unchecked, why windows 7 turned it of I dont know, but when I turned it on my connections worked.”, but still no internet [though still good advice in my opinion]. In the end and after trying all that, here is what ended up solving the problem for me…

    Uninstalled Microsoft Silverlight and the Norton Antivirus software that came with the pc and viola, rebooted and my internet was found immediately!

    Hope that helps a few! FYI – I never was able to update/replace the raspppoe.sys file, but regardless, it didn’t seem necessary in my case. Take care and good luck!

  39. I have had the same thing, modem was a problem, when I changed the modem error dissapears, it works now perfectly (wireless key was brake as well, we changed it few times, didnt want to work…now its perfect…so, maybe this is the thing,dont make any experiments, just chabge the modem…:-)

  40. I use 4 dialup ISPs with Zoom external modem that worked for 2 months and quit connection 2 days ago. Errors are 692, 668, and 618. Have Win7 in new Acer desktop. I know that ports, phone line, modem are all OK. Re-installed modem driver. 3 days prior I lost sound and had to re-install Realtek driver. Acer told me is software problem- need to re-configure modem. Any help appreciated?

  41. Hey all, seeing how no one wants to xplain how to uninstall ms vm 2007, this is how I got mine to work, I used the home network, turned off everything, firewall, protected mode, and I uninstalled norton securities and norton back up, and it works just fine now. Some how norton was blocking the access to the internet, even when I turned off norton. Cause the comp would say everything is configure prpoerly but such n such website is not responding. I hate nortons! Lol hope this helps!

  42. I got the stupid error and only wireless ever worked on my new win7 pc. so I messed with this disfunct lan connection all morning and read this whole page and the solution was simply: I downloaded the installation software from the homepage of my netprovider that I didn’t even klnow whas on their website. bingo! Installed the whole package and that set it all up right and now finally lan works too. so before you struggle uselessly with ridiculous settings that noone can understand,check with your provider! noone is supposed to go thru the hell that some people describe here! after all we pay for our internet and so they need to offer a solution that should install in 5 minutes and work – or ask for a refund ;-)

  43. The problem for me is that I am unable to get to these router as I am in a student flat with university internet. My internet works most of the time, but sometimes it gives error 651. Some days later it starts working again outgoing of nowhere. Helpdesk at the university took in my laptop and gave me a new motherboard. I also reinstalled Windows 7 and tried the solutions listed here. I’m kinda freaking out by this problem. Could this intermitting problem be caused by the router after all?


    PS: Nobody else has the same problem….

  44. SOLUTION : “error window7 with pppoe”

    1)set Network Properties.
    2)SELECT “Merge or delete network locations”
    3)DELATE ALL the network locations
    5)TRY CONNECTION PPPOE on you computer // That’s solution: youpi!

  45. I have a brand new e-machine running Windows 7 Home Premium. I can get onto the internet (thru a cable modem) but several times a day Error 651 comes up for me and I need to restart Firefox or Tweetdeck or whatever I’m on. Reconnecting thru the connection dialog box that comes up never works. How can I stop this from happening?

  46. Oh some of these work some no.Stupid W7 some report one erorr and another time another error.Mostly thi is 651.

  47. Thanks NishoTokyo!
    I tried the method that you suggested and I finally able to use internet after internet deprived for 2 weeks!

    Rather than download anything, just check the basic things first.

  48. I have just got rid of error 651. I had to install the correct driver for my ethernet adaptor because windows 7 sometimes fails to install it. Check your specs for your desktop and download the driver and install the tadaa! problem gone.

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