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In windows 7, when you try to connect using your PPPoE connections, you may be faced with the following error:

Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

These connections would work just fine with Windows XP or Windows Vista PCs.

Again, you are not alone, this seems to be a known bug in Windows 7 that is being worked at. However, you can workaround this problem.

The RAS PPPoE driver file “raspppoe.sys” found under c:windowssystem32drivers folder seems to be the root cause of the problem. Fortunately, we can workaround the problem simply by renaming the original raspppoe.sys file to something like “raspppoe_orig.sys” copying a working file from a Windows Vista system. If you do not have access to a Windows Vista system. click here to download raspppoe.sys file (unzip).

This should help!


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  1. listen up all those afflicted with the dreaded 651. i have the fix for your problem. After searching for hours on the net and on my desktop i finally found the fix for this problem. I noticed in device manager that the ethernet device was not installed so i searched the specs of my desktop (by my laptop) and downloaded the correct driver for my ethernet controller and tadaa! it automatically connected without me having to set up a connection. You shouldn’t even be dialing up for a broadband connection.

  2. Hi!
    My problem solved… I got messege like Error:651 on Win7
    I opened:
    >Start menu>Control panel>Device manager>network card (or lan card) and dbl click on my only one Connect..

  3. Thanks i resolve my problem with error 651 thanking to you

  4. Right click on wireless tab on the task bar & go to troubleshoot opt & say chk network adapters. Say repair.
    Mine worked ;-)

  5. [...] dialer and you need to click on " Connect " to dial and connect to internet. Also try Error 651 with PPPoE connections in Windows 7 | Windows Reference error 651 – Google [...]

  6. @ Brandon…you say your I.p address is starting with 169. This is a reserved I.p address called APIPA. Your computer is configured to automatically use this address in the event that it cannot contact the DHCP server which provides you with I.p addresses. Handy but means you can only communicate with other machines using an APIPA address on the same network. The problem is with your DHCP server, probably not win 7!

  7. Control Panel- Device Manager – Network Adapters- choose your wireless card hit properties-advanced- enable – and error gone!

  8. Problem: error 651, you also got a dialer but this shouldnt be there.

    you got windows 7 , you got broandband modem router.

    check your connection. if you have broandband in one of the list along with Local area network,

    delete the broadband.

    and do the usual thing. turn off ur pc. turn of ur modem.
    turn on your modem, then turn on the pc.
    make sure you have the cable connected back already

    it worked for me. did not change any file or settings.

  9. I have spent all day doing everything listed and I am now getting dns error aaaaargh ! When I now connect it is saying connected but no Internet access. I have managed to get Internet access thro some other networks that are not security protected but not my own. Please can somebody help me before I throw the damn laptop out the window

  10. After I did a Microsoft update, I got a 651 Error on my Dell Microsoft 7 PC using a wireless router. And I tried everything. But this is what worked. (I did the ‘command prompt’ thing that was suggested by another person and then turned it back to normal — just thought I’d mention that in case it had any effect.) But I fixed the problem by 1st holding the F2 and FN (at the bottom of the keyboard) several times. Then going to the Control Panel, view network status and tasks (click), change adaptor settings (click), somehow my Broadband Connection was the default (there was a green check mark), disabled that, went to Wireless Network Connection that had a black X and enabled that. Nothing happened for awhile. And then as I was sitting there looking at it, the connection came up on it’s own with my router name.

  11. DO NOT DO “raspppoe.sys” UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE. IS THAT GUY CRAZY? Most likely your settings got changed.

  12. PEOPLE who say they have the “definite solution” and to TRUST THEM:

    jeez, i’m sorry, but – how thick are you?? there are MANY different reasons for the 651 error – you can encounter it with dial-ups and fixed modems, real routers and every f**king combination of hardware, THEN there’s virtually no limit about the configuration settings – you can’t see into other peoples computers now, can you?
    I PROMISE YOU, you do NOT have the definite solution to every version of the 651 error!!!!!

    sorry, that just had to get out of my system… your own fault though for being so closed-sighted and presumptuous… really…

  13. If you have this problem and you have connectify installed, uninstall it.
    It fixed it for me.
    Also, if you have a tethering function or another application making your pc a router like the windows option to connect to internet through your pc, this will most likely cause the 651 error.

  14. Resolved..

    Tried many of the suggestions above but all failed.

    I finally resolved this by uninstalling ‘connectify’ which is a great little free app which turns your win 7 laptop into a wireless router (great except that it just wont play ball with my wifes vpn connection unfortunately).

  15. Resolved by “Uninstalling Connectify”.

    But it’s totally fine before.
    Must be some Windows updates crashed it.

  16. Problem is from some registry files.
    Try This..

    Right click my computer, Than manage, than in the end are SERVICES-click on that, than find network connections and other Network files. Select restart the service for all network fields. Hope this works because it works for me. ;)


  18. Had error 651 on windows 7 pro. went through all of the fixes posted. Like renaming raspppoe.sys and so on. No help. To fix it for me, I reinstalled the mobo drivers and walla.

  19. My solution.

    I’ve opened a Local Network Connection’s properties (in Network Connections), then deleted a few unnecesary protocols which was there.

    I’ve deleted:
    - Virtual PC protocol (with no effect);
    - COnnectify driver (finally, pppoe and vpn working now).

  20. solution for windows 7: GOTO -> “network connections” disable -> “local area connection” adapter. reconnect with dial up modem and connects just fine. The windows KB mentioned a conflict amongst the connections. This has worked for me.

  21. Some here suggested that we do not have to create a new connection for broadband (PPPoE), but how to connect with no connection at all? How is this explained?

  22. this worked for me;)) Had to restart the computer after this step but it worked!!

  23. I have the same problem as xCold, could somebody help? Thanks.

  24. MY little brother had this problem, we went through (we’ll he did most of it since it was his computer) most if not all the suggested solutions in this thread, the weidrd thing was his laptop with windows XP worked and MY computer with windows 7 worked, so in the end all we could think of was to buy a new network card (he googled it and it seems his old network card wasnt in the “approved list” for windows 7, we went out, bought a new network card for 15 bucks and tada, problem solved.
    Probably the easiest fix for those who are still struggling, perhaps your network card are “outdated” as well (his network card was attached to motherboard in this case). Thought id let some know if they hadnt thought of it yet.

  25. I uninstall CONNECTIFY ,and my vpn works.thanks above inf.

  26. if the problem faced was while using connectify
    nothing is required…..
    install connectify ver. 1.2
    google it
    and everythings solved

  27. If your are running Connectify 2.x ….. UPGRADE to the 3.x and get some sleep !!!!!

  28. Uninstalled the connectify driver from the Local Network Adapter (your LAN adapter) works. I was having this error occur when trying to connect to my VPN with connectify installed, but it was the driver in the LAN adapter that seemed to be having the problem. Connectify 2.X, version 3 fails to run for me.

  29. [...] and I do not have to pay £150 each for broadband and can use my private router… Please help The phone line is owned by the building. I want a way that my other 3 flat mates and I do not have t…p WordPress › [...]

  30. 651 error

  31. i love you (Uran from Kosovo)
    it works for me
    i love you
    i love you
    i love you
    i love you
    i love you
    i love you

  32. I think this problem is some disease of the system. Hey ppl, jus hear the solutions i tried
    1.reinstalling os
    2.formatted whole hard disk and installed new os
    3.Tried ubuntu
    4.That raspppoe sh*t method
    no solutions.One day it started working perfectly.I dont know what happened. Then after some days i installed kaspersky and got that 651 again, ppl this is some problem like cancer. . All the best. Im calling bill gates for the solution. . Tring tring

  33. i love you Uran tooooo :X :X :X
    the COnnectify driver in conflict with network connectioons….
    i love you Uran
    i love you Uran
    i love you Uran
    :D :-*

  34. and thannk alot from MetallicArt that first one tell the COnnectify driver unistaling solve the problem

  35. thank you @ ‘fadola’s ! Enabling ‘internet information services hostable web core’ and re-starting the modem and laptop worked in my case !! (Control Panel > Uninstall/install programs > enable/disable Windows features > enable INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICES HOSTABLE WEB CORE’)

  36. !!!!!!!! NEED HELP!!!!!!
    I know this may have been answered before and I’m sorry but…. here it is anyways

    I have internet through comcast and a router from netgear, the internet has always worked fine with my laptop but now I am trying to connect my desktop with windows 7 to the internet and I get the error 651 message. I not a computer genius but I take directions well please help, I need my games again! I called comcast and the couldn’t help me :(

  37. If tried evrything and unable to resolve , try 1 more thing change duplex & try .

  38. i battled with this problem for a week. i was trying to get a netgear wireless router to send the internet connection through an ethernet cable to my pc. kept getting the neverending 651 error message. there may be an easy fix for some of problem was that when i was trying to dial with my computer, my router had already dialled and connected (i configured the router using the routers ip address on my wifi network using my smartphone, and entered all logon information from my isp there.) anyway, as i said, my computer was trying to dial my connection through the router that had already dialled and connected. i got fed up and deleted the internet connection itself, in the hopes that creating a fresh connection would fix things. as soon as i stopped my computer from trying to dial out to connect, it mainlined the internet connection straight from my router into my pc, and hey presto, i had internet. i hope this helps for some,as i hated the idea of having to mess with my registry in an attempt to disable or uninstall something that had given me no problems before. i hope this helps some of you!!!

  39. How do you bypass TrustedInstaller so as to change the file name?

  40. Im working at an ISP company. I had a client with this error message on windows 7 today. His problem is not relied to a windows 7 problem as i saw. Its related with an internal cables problem. If you still have 651 error and did this manipulations, make sure your DSL light on your modem is always on (not blinking or off). My client’s lights always goes off and blinking so the problem is not related to windows (not the modem either since we gave him a new modem today). If you still have this problem and have the DSL lights problems, call your ISP company so they can send a technician for you.

  41. Ive been struggling with this error FOR 2 WEEKS NOW. I dont have much time to fix it. Ive tried several things : changed ethernet cable, changed the file, did the cmd things,made a back up and reinstalled…nothing worked
    My pc stood off for a week, and when I started it back up,it worked again…for 1 day…than suddenly,while playing MW3, it popped back off… AARGH THIS IS SO ANNOYING !! My router is working fine because I’m typing this from my laptop, and there are 7 other people in the house that work on the same router…
    Could it be that there is a problem with the port where I put my ethernet cable in? because “solve problems” keeps saying there is no cable connected…I already changed the cable once and it still didn’t work… HELP !!!!!

  42. I tried various things above, to no avail, so I used system restore to restore my system to the last critical Windows update and that worked. There had been 2 “non critical” updates that windows had applied today, and since the problem began today, I guess it was a bug in one of the updates? I did also have a virus that I have been cleaning off and thought maybe it damaged something.. System restore worked for me.

  43. Everytime we dial this will the the responce… and what does it mean?
    “a c0necti0n to the rem0te c0mputer c0uld n0t be established, so the p0rt used f0r this c0necti0n was cl0sed.” or “the c0necti0n was terminated by the rem0te c0mputer b4 it c0uld be c0mpleted.. whats wrong with this

  44. hi friends i have also faced this problem.pppoe broadband connecions can connect with only windows xp and windows vista.not compatible with windows 7.plz give me a solution.

  45. Hello All,

    I was helping my father share his broad band internet by installing Connectify when I nixed his modem (Error 651). Unfortunately I am located 1500 kms away and was helping him over the Internet :-) I have to help him restore his Internet connection and the first thing to try it to uninstall Connectify. However I think the problem is not connectify itself but his modem software (BSNL Broadband dialer – don’t know make etc). I use Connectify myself and have never had any problems with it. I suspect this article is right but I cannot be sure till I get physical access to his laptop. See the article in question for details:

    Will report back when I learn more.



  46. Just follow the instruction above. Don’t forget to change the permission to FULL control.

  47. To uninstall virtual pc just press WIN+R and paste
    MsiExec.exe /X{E820BF34-4672-41CA-A499-896E96B93123}

    to bypass trusted installer alt+enter on the file -> security advanced -> owner and change ownership to current user.

    none of these worked for me. replacing the raspppoe file generates a 797 error and creates a conflict in device manager

  48. Ok I just got my windows 7 desktop computer to go online again (even though My macbook pro was able to go online through a wired connection the entire time…..) And it seems the cause was my AVN Firewall. I had disabled it a few days before the initial error 651 and when i re-enabled it I guess it started the process that eventually led to this error. To fix this I disabled the firewall then restarted my computer and one on I went to my Network Sharing Center then to the change adapter Settings on the left side. Once there I clicked on the broadband connection Icon and then clicked connect. To test my theory i was my Firewall i re-enabled it and less than 10 minutes later the error 651 cannot connect started all over again. Once i disabled my firewall and connected through the process I had done before my internet started and I’ve been surfing for over 2 hours now no problem.

    I did go through the entire raspppoe steps and all it got me was error 797 I just backed tracked removed the vista file and used the original raspppoe file (that I made sure to restore the name it had before) to fix that problem.

    I am not sure if my wireless network will work again but wish me luck because I am going to try it. After that I plan to reinstall my AVN and hope a fresh reboot will fix the issue.

  49. Sorry I meant to say AVG firewall network

  50. Was getting the 651 error message. shut down computer, disconnected power. Removed the wireless card, reinstalled, computer is now working.

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