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System recovery options can help you repair Windows if a serious error occurs. To use system recovery options, you’ll need a Windows installation disc or access to the recovery options provided by your computer manufacturer. If you don’t have either of those choices, you can create a system repair disc to access system recovery options.

Procedure to follow

1) clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel

2) Here you need to click on Backup your computer Under System and Security

3) Select Create a System repair disc

4) Now you should see similar to the following screen here select your dvd drive and click on create

Note:-If you’re prompted to insert a Windows installation disc, it means that the files needed to create the system repair disc can’t be found on your computer. Insert a Windows 7 installation disc.

How to  use the system repair disc

If you want to use the above created windows 7 system repair disc follow this procedure

1.Insert the system repair disc into your CD or DVD drive and restart your computer .

2.If prompted, press any key to start the computer from the system repair disc.

•If your computer isn’t configured to start from a CD or DVD, check the information that came with your computer. You might need to change your computer’s BIOS settings.

3.Choose your language settings, and then click Next.

4.Select a recovery option, and then click Next.

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