Mar 232010

Whenever you open sone .exe,.bat etc  files you should see similar to the following Open file – security warning

To disable this use one of the following methods

Method 1

copy and paste the following in to text file save as openfilefix.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Once you saved the file you need to double click to install this fix and finally reboot your pC

Method 2

Using gpedit.msc

In startup search box type gpedit.msc and change the inclusion list of low file types

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  8 Responses to “How to disable Open file security warning in Windows 7”

  1. so good.

    do you know how to activate the local group policy editor in the home premium version? I see the dll files but not the .msc.


  2. neither worked for me.
    Windows Server 2008 w latest Updates; 64-bit.

  3. Windows 7 x64 enterprise, group policy edit worked, registry did not. Anybody know how to script local group policy changes?

  4. Same as Ronald. gpedit worked, registry did not.

  5. Regedit works if you change the quotes from ” to ”




  6. arrgh sorry this thing displays the wrong quotes even when you type the correct ones.

    anyway once youve cut and paste the registry entry above retype the quotes, (shift and 2) and you will see they are different. This then works :)

  7. Regedit works if you change the quotes from ” to ”



  8. Worked on Server 2008 (64bit) after changing the “curved quotes” to “straight quotes” – just copy into notepad and overwrite every double-quote in the file before saving.

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