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The Microsoft Loopback adapter is a testing tool for a virtual network environment where network access is not available. You can bind network clients, protocols, and other network configuration items to the Loopback adapter, and you can install the network adapter driver or network adapter later while retaining the network configuration information. You can also install the Loopback adapter during the unattended installation process.

To installa  Microsoft Loopback adapter in WIndows 7

1. Click Start – Search for cmd, right-click cmd and select “Run as Administrator”
2. From the command prompt, run “hdwwiz.exe“. This should launch the “Add Hardware Wizard“. Click Next.

3. Select “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)” and click Next.

4. Now from the list select Network Adapters and click Next.

5. Under Manufacturers, select Microsoft and select “Microsoft Loopback Adapter” under Network Adapter and click Next. This should start the installation. Click Finish when the installation completes.

hddwiz4 hddwiz5


To confirm the loopback adapter installed, right-click Computer, select properties. Click Device Manager and expand Network Adapters and you can see the Loopback adapter installed there.



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  3. WHY in the WORLD did Microsoft remove “Install New Hardware” wizard from Control Panel?

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  5. im very very very very tanck you.

  6. They did not remove the option, just move it to device manager -> actions -> add legacy hardware

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  8. First, thanks for your tip, It’s useful for me!
    But I have the following problem, I use VMWare mapping this loopback interface (That I’ve created). But when I resume my PC from standby state, VMWare not see the loopback interface.
    I disable then enable it, all normal activity. Anyone have ideal ?
    Thanks and regards,
    Tu Dao Thanh

  9. Thank you. Windows 7 moved some stuff around and it wasn’t as intuitive to find this option anymore.

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  18. Super…last 2 months I was trying to find it out and I didnt check in Microsoft Kbase since I bet with my firend that I will find it out myself..i have done all R&D and its just vain..anyway superrrrrrrrrrr

  19. It was very nice but it is tricky no one will know it ;0 It took me 30 mins before i look up in the Internet.

    I used it to make very nice thing which is to use the NIC of the Virtual XP mode to access the Internet in Windows 7 :) it was coooooooooool

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  25. Once I installed this adapter my start network connection is too slow. When it connects It works normally. Anyone know what I have to configure?

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  37. Hello,

    I have install the loop back adapter but…its saying itn unidentifying network…i gave the static ip to…but still its a same…this can any one help…i dont have the internet connection…and i have to insatll the virual network…can any one help????

  38. Thanks this helped a lot.

    I’m never gonna get use to the “Run as Admin” thing.

  39. You are too much….more than a darling.

  40. I think that its the first time I follow a tutorial and everything goes perfect. Much obliged

  41. Instead of searching for running cmd as administrator, just search for hdwwiz and run it as administrator. ;-)

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    to run cmd as administrator in windows 7 start > just type “cmd” now instead of use Enter key, use Ctrl + Shift + Enter

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    i have a lot of work on loopback , but before that i dont know

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    Please, help me . It is not working for me. I have seen the Unidentified network(Public Network),

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