May 282011

In Windows 7, when you try to map a shared printer to a LPT port using “net use

C:\>net use LPT1 \\printserver\printer

you may receive errors like



stem error 5″


“Access is denied”

The most likely cause is that the the physical LPT port is enabled and disabling the LPT port from the Device Manager should fix your problem.

To disable the LPT port from Device Manager,

1. Click start – right-click “Computer” and select “properties”

2. From the left navigation, click Device Manager

3. Under Ports (COM & LPT), right-click Printer Port (LPT1) and select Properties

4. Under “Device usage,” select “Do not use this device (disable).”5. Click Apply and OK
This should fix the problem.

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  1. Thank you dude!! Few lines and my problem is solved. Really really THANK YOU!!

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