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One of the many annoyance in Windows Vista was the User Access Control. While it is a good security feature, it was very badly implemented. I’m sure most if not all of you who read thus agree. To make it worse, while UAC clearly brought to ones eye what risk can there be to your system when an unauthorised program tries to take control of your system and make changes. The options one had were either to disable UAC and take the risk of a security breach or live with the UAC annoyance.

Come Windows 7, Microsoft has clearly understood (or rather made to understand by users) this issue and has acted. It’s a step in the right direction. Unlike Windows Vista where you can enable or disable UAC, in Windows 7 you can choose between one of four possible options.

The options are

1. Always Notify me – Typical to Windows Vista. Every system change is prompted with the background DIM.

2. Notify me when programs try to make changes to the computer – (DEFAULT) the changes you make are notified and will still notify when a program modifies the system settings with background DIM

3. Notify me when programs try to make changes to the computer (Do not DIM my desktoo) – as it implies, same as above but without trying to DIM the desktop (pre vista like messages)

4. Never Notify – Do not notify at all. Least secure.

To change from the defaults, click Start – Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – User Accounts. Click User Account Control Settings and use the slider to choose from one of the above mentioned options.uac_in_windows7

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