Jan 202009

If you have a Network drive mapped onto your Windows 7 system, it may prompt you enter the password everytime the system is rebooted even if the “Save Password” is selected.

This is a known problem from previous versions of Windows (seen in Windows XP as well)

To resolve (rather workaround) the problem try the command line option as follows:

net use z: “\\server\path\to\share” /persistent:no /user:

where for Z: is the drive to which it is mapped to.

For instance,

C:User\sai> net use z: “\\server\path\to\share” /persistent:no /user:winref_user mypassword”

This should help. This should also work on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008/2003.


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  6 Responses to “Prompt for password of network drive after reboot in Windows 7”

  1. Hi folks,
    I really love the new W7 ! I have installed it nexto my Xp and it runs super !
    I also have 2 pc’s with vista, but I already like 7 more :-)

    Anyway, my problem:
    I cannot connect to my network drive (freecom drive on the lan pe-ex)
    It seems he doesnt recognise and trying \\ph-ex doesn’t work either.
    Any suggestions?


  2. Thanks! This is exactly what I needed!

  3. brilliant – this was annoying me all the time! Thanks for sharing this tip.

  4. i have some problem in window 7, when i connected any other drive of other computer and save user & password but when i reboot the pc again user & password is required.
    please help how i remember user & password.

    Muhammad Shahid

  5. Thank you so much! I did have to make a change for this to work for me with my Windows 7 Home Premium:
    I had to remove all of the quotation marks.
    So, for me, the command became:

    net use z: \\server\path\to\share /persistent:no /user:


  6. Sorry…I thought I typed everything in my previous comment…the command for me actually was:

    net use z: \\server\path\to\share /persistent:no /user:UserID PassWord


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