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Sometimes when you install an application in the XP Mode (Virtual XP) for compatibility issues, the shortcut may not be created in the start menu of your Windows 7 profile. An example would be an older version of Windows Media Player installed in XP mode.

To resolve this problem first check if the application is in the exclusion list for the list of applications that can published to the host OS (Windows 7) from your Virtual XP.

To resolve this problem, edit the following registry key inside the XP Virtual machine:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Virtual Machine\VPCVAppExcludeList]

\Windows NT
\Virtual Machine

Here, look for the application (ex: wmplayer.exe for Windows Media player)and delete its entry.

Once done, reboot the Virtual XP and now add a shortcut for the application (Windows Media Player) to the “All users Profile” directory ( Start – Run and type “%AllUsersProfile%”).

If your application is not in the exclusion list then simply add the shortcut to the “All Users” directory.

This should help!

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  2 Responses to “Shortcut not created for application installed in XP mode”

  1. When updating %AllUsersProfile% You don’t say whether this is in the XP virtual machine or in Windows 7 and if the latter how do you point the shortcut at the virtual PC?

  2. Robin, having tested this, i can tell you first of all that it works perfectly, but that i believe there is a reason why these programs have been excluded as i have seen some bugs when whitelisting programs like this in the registry.

    to answer your questions:
    %AllUsersProfile% is on the Windows XP virtual machine.

    The Shortcut that points to the application in the virtual machine will automaticly appear in your start menu of the Windows 7 pc under the subfolders: Windows Virtaul Pc -> Windows Xp MopeApplications. (no need to create it your self.

    Except for the few bugs i have noticed while white listing applications like this (when suing two screens and starting remote assistance, the normal window size is not respected when starting an application and it takes up half of both screens. and other few minor errors) i really like being able to run any application cross over between platforms and am VERY happy to have found this article. Thanks, Winsockfix!

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