Jan 122009

Windows 7 packs some rich feature enhancements on top of the user interface that one would see on a standrd Windows Vista desktop. Did I mention Windows Vista??? Well the fact is some of the things that made life harder and brought frustration straight on to the face of a user are now been prompted sorted.

A classic example I would say is trying to access the Network Adapter settings, never found it easy on Windows Vitsa when it used to be a right-click from your desktop or a click more than the millions of windows to navigate before getting to th Network Adapter settings.

Also, alongside enhancing user experience to a level way over the top of Windows Vista, Windows 7 also packs some feature additions and security features that can make it a better OS.

Some of the feature enhancements in Windows 7 are


Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) takes centre stage as it goes mainstream taking over from its predecessor Internet Explorer 7 as the default web browser

Improved performance & reliability – This means less errors, oless popups, faster startup,shutdown & standby than Windows Vista

Extend Battery life on laptop computers with a better power management options like dimming your screen brightness when the system is idle for long time

New Action Center – Windows concentrates all errors from 10 different system features like Windows Defender, Windows Security center. This means less of Popup windows and all stack up at the Action center

Simplified Navigation with Improved taskbar and full-screen previews, Jump lists, better window management

Home Networking enhancements – New Windows Home groups allows easy setup of Windows Home networking. Worth a mention as this offers a sigh of relief, if you've ever worked on Windows XP and earlier Workgroups which had nothing but problems. When you setup Homegroup, you create a password which is then used by the systems trying to get added to the homegroup.

Better control on hardware and devices attached to the system

Enhanced Windows Themes

A lot of mobile tablet PC features including Touch and Multi-Touch, Handwriting recognition enhancements etc 


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