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If you have your Windows 7 client connected to a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller and access network shares on the server. You may find the Previous Versions of a file are actually the current latest version of the file or if all the previous versions have the same date/time stamp on the files instead of the actual version dat/time then the following should help.

This is basically a problem with Windows 7 accessing shadow Copies of Windows Server 2003. To resolve this problem, try the following Registry edit on the Windows Server 2003 server hosting the network share.

WARNING: Backup the registry before editing the registry.

On the Windows Server 2003 server,

1. Click Start – Run and type “regedit“.
2. Navigate to


3. In the right-pane, delete the key “DisableDownLevelTimewarp

This should help. The registry change is picked up by the system straight away and no reboot is necessary.

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  1. brilliant! worked a charm

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