Jan 202009

When you try to run Windows Update from Internet Explorer (Safety – Windows Update) in Windows 7 or sometimes when you try to run Windows Update directly or installing an application, the explorer session might crash and stop responding. Remember Windows 7 is still in Beta and this is a known bug in Windows 7 caused by the Software Quality Management client.


To resolve this problem, we need to edit the Windows Registry as follows:

1. Click Start – search for regedit and click the regedit icon.

2. From the leftpane, navigate to



In the rightpane, locate the keyword “MachineThrottling” and delete or rename the entry to fix the issue.

3. Reboot the computer. This should fix the problem.


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  2 Responses to “Windows Update crashes windows explorer in Windows 7”

  1. I’ve gotten to the “machinethrottling” step. Cannot find it in the registry at all.

  2. some “MachineThroteling” isn’t in my 7RC installs registry location either.

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