Jan 212009

If your Windows 7 has been idle for while, your Wireless card may loose connectivity and you may end up with the error:

Network Drivers did not properly install

However, a reboot of the computer gets the wireless just fine.

This can happen because of the power management of the wireless card driver. When the system goes idle, it turns off the wireless card making the driver/hardware unavailable for the system. To resolve or workaround this problem disable the power management option as follows:

1. Right-click Computer, choose Properties and click “Device Manager” from the left navigation.
2. Navigate to wireless card device, right click and choose Properties.
3. Choose Power Management tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” Click Apply and OK.
4. Restart the computer and you should now see the wireless doesn't drop after an idle time.

This should help and should work in previous versions of Windows (Vista,XP) as well!!!


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