Jan 222009

This is a more of an information to workaround a system crash issue in Windows 7 Beta. In Windows 7 Beta your computer may fail to respond or crash when trying to run winsat.exe which is nothing but running “Rate and improve your computers performance” or changing multi-monitor configurations or during a DVD or Video playback.

This could happen if your system is installed with the XDDM driver for your Video. XDDM stands for “XP Device Driver Model”. To resolve this problem, find the appropriate WDDM driver (Windows Display Driver Model) or a VGA driver.

This is clearly mentioned in the release notes for Windows 7 beta as a known issue.

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  1. Yes, it’s true that Windows 7 beta 7000 (64-bit) always crashes when watching HD TV channels and watching DVD. I’m using the latest Catelyst 9.3 version driver and using ATI 4550 display card.

    It’s really annoying! Hope MS can fix it soon.

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