Oct 292012

Windows 8 has four editions, each with varying feature sets.

Windows 8: Windows 8 is the basic stock-keeping unit (SKU) for home users. It includes the core feature set that home users require but does not include key business features, such as support for the ability to join domains, process Group Policy, and so on.

Windows 8 Pro: Windows 8 Pro is for small- and medium-sized businesses. It delivers new levels of productivity, security, and mobility—without sacrificing performance or choice. It provides enhanced features that help to easily connect to company networks, access files on the go, encrypt data, and more.

Windows 8 Enterprise: Windows 8 Enterprise edition is available through Windows Software Assurance. It includes all the capabilities of Windows 8 Pro, plus premium features designed to meet the mobility, productivity, security and manageability, and virtualization needs of today’s large businesses. Key examples are Windows To Go, DirectAccess, BranchCache, AppLocker, VDI, and Windows 8 app deployment. You will learn about these features in this book.

Windows RT Devices: Windows RT Devices run low-powered ARM processors, which helps OEMs build devices with long battery lives and new form factors (thin, light, and sleek devices). Also,Windows RT Devices are built on a new paradigm (preconfigured system on certified hardware),which helps ensure that users have high-quality and predictable experiences over time. While Windows RT Devices offer the great benefits this chapter just mentioned, they have commonality and shared code with Windows 8, offering a consistent, great Windows experience. For example,Windows RT Devices support the new UI (including desktop). Both Windows RT Devices and Windows 8 can run apps from the Windows Store. Windows RT Devices are compatible with most peripherals, since they include class drivers for most peripherals, and the majority of mice,keyboards, printers, and USB storages are supported out of the box.

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