Jun 092013

Ran into a strange situation where none of my Sandisk USB devices were recognised by my Windows 8 PC. Digging deeper, it turns out to be corrupt Registry entries (why am I surprised???) due to what looks to be caused by using these USB2.0 devices between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

To resolve the problem, you need to do the following:

WARNING: The following procedure involves deleting entries from Windows Registry and hence make sure you BACKUP your registry before doing anything and understand the instructions here are advice only and you are editing Windows Registry at your own risk.

Backup Windows Registry as follows:

1. Start – type ‘regedit‘, right-click and choose ‘Run as Administrator‘.
2. Right-click ‘Computer’ icon and select ‘export’ as follows

3. Give appropriate name and save it at a safe location.

Now, that you have backed up your registry, try the following:

1. Disconnect any sandisk USB devices.
2. While in the regedit window, click ‘edit‘ menu and select ‘find
3. Search for entries starting with ‘VID_0781′ and delete every occurrence of it.
[NOTE: if you have errors while deleting entries, click here for fix]

4. Now, reboot your PC and try connecting the sandisk usb devices and Windows should recognise the devices.


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