Jul 052009

S2U2 (Slide2 Unlock2) brings the iPhone style lock/unlock feature into your Windows mobile. S2U2 can be used as a screensaver and offers great customization options. S2U2 can show a lot of information while the system is locked which otherwise you might need to unlock and look into in normal scenarios.

Some of the many features include

CallerID support on phones supported

Slide2Answer to answer an incoming call automatically by using the slider for unlock

Plugin control for S2P (a media player application from S2)

Greater Power Management

Show SMS/MMS/Email preview

Wallpaper control

S2U2 requires WM5 or WM6/6.1/6.5 Professional. Click here to visit the download page and choose the appropriate download based on your screen resolution (for instance, my HTC Touch HD has a WVGA screen resolution.)

Download the ZIP file onto your desktop, unzip and upload the “S2U2-2.02-VGA.cab” file onto your Windows Mobile. Run the CAB file from your Windows Mobile to perform the installation. Once the installation completes, the shortcuts appear under Start – Programs – S2U2. You would see iLock, S2U2 & S2U2 Settings.When running for the first time, run iLock before running S2U2.

The S2U2 settings menu offers a wide variety of customization ranging from caller-id to power management, wallpapers etc and as you can see gives a iPhone like look even on these windows.

s2u22 s2u23 s2u24

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