Apr 162009

Microsoft My Phone Beta is a mobile service that stores your phone’s data to a password protected web site. It enables you to automatically backup and restore your phones information including Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Text Messages, Photos, Videos, Music and even the contents of your storage card.

You can update your Contacts and Calendars online and it gets updated on your phone the next time you synch the phone with the MyPhone service. You can also share you pictures and videos online.

Microsoft MyPhone is currently supported on phones running Windows 6.x operating system. The service is free of cost but you only have 200MB of free online storage. You may want to check with your Phone company on the charges for the data connection unless you are using a WiFi connection or the ActiveSync connection to your PC.

Microsoft MyPhone requires you to register onto the waiting list but I registered just yesterday and got the registration today so seems like made up waiting list for me (I still remember GMails invitation tactics). Click here to register.

Once your registration is authorised, you receive an email and you can login and pick the link to download the installer or get the link sent to your phone directly as a SMS and browse, download and install the client. Once installed, you should find it under Start – Programs as “Microsoft My Phone
MsMyPhone download MS MyPhone installed
When you launch for the first time, click next on the welcome screen and Accept the license agreement in the next screen that follows.

screen20 screen21

Logon with your Windows Live username and password (the one with which you registed). Select Manual or Automatic mode of synchronizing and click Next. This completes the config and click Finish.

screen22 screen24 screen25

This should start synching your phone with My Phone. You can always choose to edit what you sync to the web like contacts, music etc and the schedule for automatic sync.

screen26 screen27 screen28

Once the synchronization completes, you should see all these information online.  You can see all the mobile contents online in a nice simple interface.

screen31 screen32 myphone2

Good one… Microsoft!!!

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